Need some games to play!

Oct 6, 2009
I am having some health issues, nothing major, but enough to keep me away from the office. Time to break out the pandora and play a few games, was hoping to get some recommendations from the wonderful users here. Currently playing through dink smallwood but the game has some issues...

Looking for

- Pretty games

- Arcade ish games

I need a good list of games for MAME, UAE4ALL, and Dosbox

I have some SNES, n64 games, PSX and homebrew/ported games on my pandora, but cannot really get into anything right now. Where's that dreamcast emulator :p (kidding)

So what games can I not miss?
Well, you can't go far wrong poking around here a bit. :p

EDIT: Or here, either.
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Have you tried cave story run via ginge ?

If you're into the whole pixel art thing then you'll certainly find it pretty & arcadey.

Get well soon.
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Will check out cavestory, thanks sebt3, seeing as about half of the top are emulators I was asking for any specific games from the pandora community. Shootet is one I missed that I really like, don't own albion and have played super geometry dust and hex a hop :) fun games, but figured since I had the day I could ask for some games I missed or are more recent.
Will check out cavestory
Maybe you'll prefer my nxengine port. And it is an awesome game !

Also about my link, in that link one thing is flawed : games that have been rated 3times 5stars (still in light blue) are ranked bellow games rated 5times 3stars (darker blue, because rated 5times or more).

So also checkout the top of the light blue zone ;) (there are many gems not yet enough rated to be part of the top 10....)

PS: I'm not too used at these fancy feature like bold :D