What arcade games would you play in a compo? Would you?

Given MAME and ROM availability, would you play in a compo? (ie: submit scores a few times over a fe

  • Yes, awesome, like the good old days

    Votes: 33 66.0%
  • Yes. awesome, only if its a game or two I really like

    Votes: 13 26.0%
  • No, don't care about measuring up against other people, or don't have time or whatever

    Votes: 4 8.0%

  • Total voters

Its a good quesiton, one I've brought up before..

I've somehow managed to introduce three terms..

Compo4all (not comp4all.. typo in the pnd, corrected next build ;)

ROT (a tournament I ran a year or two back)

MAME of Thrones (somethign that came to be in a brainpop a month back)

.. and of course C4A (which doens't mean anythign until you know Compo4All)

All of this is 'bad branding', but hey :)

Compo4All was to try and evoke memories of Mame4All, for fun. Seems a good name. Also the '4 all' is good .. implies 'for all'.. pandorians? platforms? games? ... all of it.

ROT .. well, C4A can be used for a new ROT, but I'm having doubts we want to have a real tournament per se, with prizes etc; it may bring out the worst of people. Instead, a purely friendly ROT .. a select few games in C4A, with bragging rights only, may work. But even then.. seems like for any given game, we have a clear leader, which means it may not be fun? Or maybe a few peopel would bash it out...

MAME of Thrones is just a fun line :)


Man, am I stupid-busy lately. Its just not fair :) (big rumour, may be a big annoucnement of major layoffs at the company I work at .. find out this afternoon. Fun fun!)
When I saw "M.A.M.E of Thrones" I was reminded of an old song by XTC - Reign Of Blows

I think it is better to not have an official tournament with prizes. The reason I say this is because one CAN set the DIP Switches, even in Compo to get more lives or easier play...and someone else might not do it...so you have an unfair advantage. Unless everyone's DIP Switches are set the same - maybe there's a way to disable or standardize this...or check the position of the DIP Switches?

I know that the game 10-Yard fight would be no good for C4A because there's a DIP setting for Invulnerability.

On the other hand, one needs to be able to set the controls in a manner comfortable to themselves...for example, I have requested Crazy Climber be added loads of times. In this game, you had two joysticks, one for each hand. So one STILL has to be able to go in and alter the controls - but perhaps there is a way to standardize the DIP Switch settings in C4A? Or disable the ability to change them? While still making it possioble to customize controls?

Or maybe we assume EVERYONE is setting their DIP Switches for easiest, maximum amount of lives....

P.S. I hope you don't get axed at your job today!

That sucks.

I got axed one too many times in my life, which is why I now own my own company.
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Regarding running another ROT, I think that'd be a very good idea. I'll admit I've not been spending much time playing c4a recently, though that's mainly because Exo released DraStic.

Still, I think I need some more reason to play these games, and a competition would be a good way to do it.

P.S. Good luck re any layoffs.
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I have hidden (not deleted - I can return them if you all want them) a number of posts above, so that this nice and useful thread won't get infected by a cancer of ranting. I expect the ranting parties to learn from this and learn to shut the #¤% up. I am at the end of my patience here.
Uploading update to the repo now!

Changes listed above, let me crib them:

-- added scrollbar to the game list on left (a lame solution, but enough for now!)

-- filter out non-arcade titles (since it doesn't know how to run them right now anyway, for other homebrew stuff)

-- get rid of empty status dialogs, put a little status line at the bottom of the display instead

-- resize display to fit a bit better (no more clipping off the bottom)

-- sorts the game list alphabetically

I also updated the banner text a little bit.

PLEASE UPDATE. It doesn't change how anything works, but since I'm planning to add a few more arcade and indie games, the older version will start getting the game list clipped off (it doesn't scroll until this new version.) Since that version also doesn't sort the game list, you never know which ones will be clipped off!