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Mar 13, 2003
just found this site and I've never heard of the gp32 but it sounds like exactly what I need for the wife who is very much into handheld gaming.
She plays the games, I set them up, makes for a quiet life.
Does this machine run any pc game (tomb raider, dink smallwood) or will it only run games which have been ported by the techies?
Does it play all the zelda stuff with the nes/snes emu.
Where's the best place to get one?
Appreciate any help
regards :) :) :) :)
it only runs pc games that have been ported, although the lucasarts adventures (monkey island etc) run via scumm

i havent tried the zelda series (on nes/snes)so cant comment, though the gb/gbc versions run fine, and all the nes games ive tried run fine.

i got mine from gbax.com, extremely helpfull via email answering questions before purchase, great price, AND next day delivery.

have a hunt around the board and check the news sections on the site for more info. im very impressed with mine. if you wait a few weeks the backlit versions will be available, or get one now and do the fit yourself when the mod kits available.
www.gbax.com - to buy one(see craigx on this board) - Hundreds(maybe thousands) have bought gp32s off him fine -- and he supplies a cd with loadsa stuff on which is dead handy.

--no it doesn't run PC games(unless a decides to make a dos emulator)

--It plays to more than reasonable standard to play games like zelda on the nes\snes

--it plays gameboy\gameboy color games very well and many other platforms --

--its an absolutely fantastic machine - especially for retro fans - but setting up can be a little tricky for some - it went perfect for me.

--Remember it uses smart media cards!! - you will need these