Release Mari0

That's decent and a well deserved recognition (even if they didn't get your nick exactly right)
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Now we need Ortho Robot, Trosh and Order of Twilight. :D
Trosh is working ok, but I need to add some way to quit when finished the (very short, but intense) game. Also, I think Trosh need c4a support.

Order of Twilight works, but some keyboard remapping can make it better for the Pandora

Ortho Robot wants 1024x768. I have some automatic downscale with my build of love engine, but it seems I have missed something with mouse, I have difficulties to select thngs (very strange behavour, with just mouse over, coordinates are ok, but clicks seems to register elsewhere).

So, I will probably port of the games, but that also need more work...
If you want to add c4a, then please for Not Tetris.

I'll register in c4a if Not Tetris is in.