It's software this time!

Should davesha skip the queue so he can work directly on the Pyra?

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Oct 24, 2008
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Reminds me on a case where somewhone in the German Bundestag ditnt voted for Heidi Simonis, and then the Bildzeitung dit a Artikel whit "Heidi Mörder"..

But i think a Democraty should also allow other votes, even if one votes whit No..
Whe have 1 No until now, so i think its save for him to get the Pyra early..

Dos the End of the Vote on 18.06 means that then whe have the regular release ??


Mar 18, 2011
I did not order, nor think I really will, money issue :( so I will not vote in this matter. But my view is you should just have taken this decision yourself ED. Just like with the prototypes, this is similar and it will be your call to have software improvements before shipping out early Pyra's with still faulty software and issues. (My vote would have been a Yes.) Be a real Boss, without you no Pyra, you call the shots!


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Mar 12, 2015
That's Box86 running. Couldn't get my hand on Unreal sources unfortunatly...
The guy who makes the Unreal 227 patch ( claims to have access to the source code, but is not allowed to share it further. I suppose that, in theory, he could cross-compile to armhf.

Although I do wonder how playable games like Unreal are when using nubs rather than a mouse. I have played Unreal before and I found it quite hard (on hard/Unreal difficulty, admittedly) with a mouse, so I would expect to only be able to play in on tourist/adventure difficulty with a Pyra. Am I wrong? Can a player be nimble enough in that kind of FPS when using the Pyra's nubs?


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Oct 24, 2008
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On Pandora, playing Shooters whit Right Nub and DPAD was quite confortable, although maybe a bit slow somethimes,
If i remember correctly, they even used my Mapping on the Official PND on Pandora after i postet it..
Also i just changed the Mouse Funktion on the Nubs to the oposide, so i ditnt need to bother whit Joystick Input in the Game Config..
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May 3, 2016
can someone plz point me to the relevant bug-tracking page(s)?

all the ones i found seem to be out-of-date.


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Feb 4, 2020
According to my understandning (please correct me, anyone)...

Letux Kernel Issues with Label Device: Pyra

Toastbuckets work kernel issues
That one is Toastbuckets work kernel. It's not exactly the one we're currently using but an older clone with some fixes from Toastbucket, but any fixes for TILER there can be applied to any other 4.19 kernel as well.
So for working and testing, this one would be okay.

The end goal is to use the Letux Kernel with our own kernel config and that's it. But we can provide patches to Nikolaus when it's working.

Pyra OS issues

Additionally, prototype related thread "Information about OS / Kernel / Prototypes" in the "Prototype information and bug tracker" section
Welcome to this information section.
This section is primarily meant for the prototype preorderers to get some information about the unit they just received, but it also gathers the information about where to post bug reports and feature requests.
It will be updated regularly.

1. Known issues with the currently delivered prototypes

Congrats on receiving your prototype and thanks a lot for helping out the project with that :)
Here are some notes you should know when using your prototype:
  • Touchscreen not 100% accurate at the edges: Unfortunately, this is a problem with resistive touchscreens: It's always unresponsive at the edges. The touchscreen would need to be a bit bigger to compensate that,but modern displays don't have a huge surrounding. It should work fine in normal use though.
  • The nub clicks don't do anything: That's normal, their events are not yet configured. They're currently using the same setup as the Pandora nubs. See here:
  • Soft reboot (either using reboot or Power + top-left shoulderbutton) doesn't work and the Pyra hangs. This is a software bug. If that happens, press and hold the power button for 8 seconds which should switch off the unit completely.
  • When powered off, the battery is drained! This only happens with our own OS, according to Nikolaus, Letux OS doesn't have that issue. Something probably isn't powered down completely, my guess is that it's the modem.
  • The modem needs a few minutes to appear. This also only happens with our own OS, it's instantly available in Letux OS. Might also be related to the power drain issue.
  • The lid switch doesn't do anything at the moment - it's not configured to do anything. Additionally, I've tried different magnets and some in the prototypes are probably too weak.
  • The display flickers - that's due to the power regulator used in the display board. It's too weak. The final units will use a different regulator for the backlight which doesn't have that issue.
  • Keyboard brightness changes sometimes: The OS sees the keyboard backlight as the display brightness, which is the reason it lowers the light after a few seconds and increases the brightness when you press a key. It seems to use its own brightness settings though, so it interferes with our own script which is why it sometimes increases the brightness to full strength.
  • Audio wheel currently changes the speaker volume in ALSA, it does not change the master volume (which would make more sense). So the headset volume needs to be changed manually using ALSAMixer
  • If the volume is set too high, the following two things can happen:
    a) It overdrives and distorts (DC-Offset and Gain need to be setup in the driver)
    b) The driver somehow outputs some weird loud noise after a while until you stop the current audio stream.
    So make sure the volume isn't set too high.
  • Speaker and Headphones currently have the same output, and you need to use ALSAMixer to enable / disable the speakers / headsets manually. See also here:
  • If you don't hear any audio, try checking with ALSAMixer that the speakers are enabled.
  • Programs scanning the ALSA bus for devices will lead to a driver lock up. This is because of the WIP of ABE / AESS integration. See also here:
  • Per default, the unit runs on kernel 4.19.60-letux-lpae-pyra. You can install other Letux kernels via apt install. To boot them, you either need to edit extlinux.conf and change the default one or boot with serial output (connect the middle Micro-USB to a PC) where you'll see a bootmenu when you switch on the unit.

2. Bug reports / fixes / feature requests / patches for anything OS related

We're still discussing about how and where to best report / post these.
At the moment, you can either use this forum section (I've created prefixes so you can use them similar as bugtracker) or post them on this git project:
We'll take care moving them to the appropriate place.

3. Bug reports / fixes / feature requests / patches for anything Kernel related

This is even more a mystery right now. We're basically using Letux kernel, so any reports to kernel related stuff would make most sense on the Letux project. I'm currently waiting for an answer from Nikolaus if he's okay with that and which GIT and tracker we should use for that.
So for the moment, please also use this forum section or the pyra kernel git project:
This project is a temporary working kernel. We plan to submit all patches to Letux and then switch over using Letux Kernels as standard in the Pyra.

4. Ressources

Some important ressources:

Pyra Kernel issue tracker:
Pyra U-Boot Git with issue tracker:
Pyra OS Issue tracker:
Pyra Development Site:
Pyra Images (to boot off SD or eMMC):
Letus Kernel issue tracker:


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Aug 17, 2008
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The Goldelico Letux kernel issues list is probably the best one to work with. Unfortunately, the registration isn't working for me there, I get to the last step but the "Enable Your Account" button doesn't do anything...