It's loud.

Alright, since it hasn't been posted yet, here's the songs used:
This is what I was able to read on the screens. By the way, maybe it was the angle or the colors used, but the Pyra screen was by far the most readable, followed by the pandora.
I'm glad there's other people out there who enjoy game soundtracks.

Track 1:
Title: The Final Fight
Artist: Chris Huelsbeck
Album: Turrican Soundtrack Anthology

Track 2:
Title: Commando
Artist: Jerom Tel & Rob Hubbard
Album: C64 Orchestra Run 10 -Disc2

Track 3:
Title: Epilogue
Artist: Nobuo Uemastsu / Kenji Ito
Album: All Sounds of SaGa

Track 4:
Title: The Fate
Artist: Yoshitaka Hirota
Album: SHADOW HEARTS II Original Soundtracks (Disc 2)

I think the Pyra will sound pretty awesome once it's tuned a bit more and the speakers are fully sealed. I've found that adjusting the EQ a bit on the pandora made things sound pretty nice (if a bit quiet).
My standard for what I wanted the Pyra to be able to do with sound was what the Pandora did. And I loved the sound quality of the Pandora. So having it be so much better is very awesome.
Yes, they would break. But you cannot break the seal unless you open the unit and rip it out. It'll be glued on the PCB. And as soon as you remove the PCB, the speakers won't have contact anymore.

It's the same technique they use in high-end smartphones which have awesome speakers as well, so it's pretty robust :)
Spring Contacts like in the Jolla Phone? Hope they got not loose/ corroded like in the Jolla Phone. Had to apply extra pressure with 3 layers of paper :(
thanks for the tests! i liked the pyra's sound best, a little bit of tweaking and it will be supernice, i'm sure.
when we really need this gpd boomsound in perfection, we can make a ghettoblaster-addon, where we can clip-in our pyras to carry them proudly on our shoulders, like we did in the 80's.
i can see it, this will be verry important for beeing hip in the streets next summer. :)
Yes, sealing them! The speakers we're using are special speakers that have some of the best sound you can get when they're assembled properly. For that, they have some special tricks. The back volume (part of the case) has to be sealed, otherwise, the membrane permanently moves to its limit which makes it sound totally overdriven.
Sealed enclosures are one of the most common types of speaker enclosure :)

Basically a driver in open air just stirs the air around from front side to back side, effectively radiating very little. An alternative way to look at it is that both front and back side radiate equally, but with opposite sign, causing the waves to interfere destructively. By using a sealed enclosure the rear side pressure is temporarily stored rather than radiated, thus preventing interference with the front side.

The driver of course then needs to exert much more force for a given amount of excursion, hence raising the acoustic impedance experienced by the driver, especially if the enclosure is small. Your driver is optimized for this, hence using it in an environment of low acoustic impedance (e.g. without enclosure at all) is indeed a recipe for overexcursion, which a driver appreciates just about as much as electronics appreciate overvoltage ;-)
By using a sealed enclosure the rear side pressure is temporarily stored rather than radiated, thus preventing interference with the front side.
Technically, the reflected wave is shifted by π/2 immediately, so no storing ;)
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Honestly, it would totally be possible to make a wooden case.
The part between the keys is composed of too thin fragments and would need to be made out of another material like the original plastic but otherwise it would work.
Not too sure it would be a good idea in general though because of the buildup and storage of heat in the wood while in use (overheating the unit faster) and changing measurements over time.
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New Twitter post from Ed:

"Soundquality with speakers has been further improved after I rechecked the sealing. Tomorrow I'll test multiple other touchscreens. :)"

Definitely interested in seeing if there is any ghosting on the new screens! Videos please! :D