The Pyrabook

Dude..... Not cool..... 

In Australia it's the 2nd - It could be true! <_<
Should have said something to the tune of "Craig has joined the pyra development team" it would have made the Facebook shitstorm seem like a slight drizzle in comparison. around here anyway.
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i want you all to know that i hate you all dearly.

too soon guys......too soon
Following a successfull line of logical thining ive decided to sell my left brain-half to facebook. I suspect this venture will have a short term negative effect on my core functions, but shortly thereafter you will grow accustomed to the new

comradekingu and everything will be back to normal.

Speaking of venture, go on an ad-venture, play farmville today.
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TAKE THE DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Facebook is great for a small startup to get funding. I love the idea of the pyra and want it ASAP, so the facebook deal is a great way to get it on the fast track to success.