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Should davesha skip the queue so he can work directly on the Pyra?

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No, just extremely good at procrastination.
, and 16 (Imperial) fluid ounces to the (Imperial) pint (and American fluid measures are different in volume to Imperial (British) ones of the same name.) . .

20 fluid ounces in an Imperial pint leading to 160 ounces in a gallon versus 128 ounces in an American gallon and, as you say, the ounces themselves are slight different.

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lying in my bed, procrastinating, reading this thread brought me immense amounts of joy

Derailed news threads can be really quite entertaining. My enthusiasm for imperial versus metric is very low, especially when compared to 4GB vs 2GB or keyboard discussions for example. Somehow I miss the bike-shedding and tit-for-tat / technical arguments, but it's more exciting we're pretty much past that, and just waiting for full-on production.