It's software this time!

Should davesha skip the queue so he can work directly on the Pyra?

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Mar 4, 2003
While the hardware is finished and we're only waiting for the arrival of some stuff, we have awesome news regarding the Pyra lowlevel stuff!

3D in combination with TILER works now!

According to ptitSeb (who created the video), it runs a lot smoother in real life, but the camera had some weird shutter / framerate issues (which also explains the heavily flickering keyboard LEDs).

So, what happened?

davesha (a member here on the board who also preordered a Pyra) bought himself an OMAP5 uEVM Devboard to help out with the issues. Well, and you can see the result!
He fixed the stuff without owning a Pyra (with the help of aTc, zmatt and tmlind, you were replying to questions and helped out testing it on a Pyra on IRC as well)

And he's not yet done - he's currently working on optimizing even more.

This is pretty awesome news - it means that the software will be a lot more mature as we expected when delivery happens :D

Now, there's one thing: It would help if he had a Pyra to work on. It would make debugging, etc. a lot more easy for him - and it would help us to get a more mature software in faster time.
I've got a few retail units here already (without packaging, etc. though) and would love to send him his unit already - but he's a bit further down the queue.

I think it would be great if I let him SKIP the line - and finish his order right away (sending him packaging and the rest of the experience later on).
He already proved that he can help and I'm pretty sure it would bea good thing for all of us.

But I don't want to decide that myself. You supported the Pyra, you helped out and you're the ones still waiting for it! So here's a poll - please let me know if davesha should be allowed to skip the queue and become the first delivered preorder - or not.

I’m inclined to vote “yes” but I do have to agree with @Beard Lost in the Woods here.

That being said, didn’t devs get the pre-pre-order units?
Well the Devs got prototypes with some varying degree of functionality, those units helped shake out some hardware issues and such.

I'm number 4 in the pre-pre-order list and I say go for it, he has skills and apparently the time to get things done.

As long as someone buys their way in with significant effort which everyone can reap a benefit from. This reward is a good incentive.

However, there will be future contributions people can offer which other would not benefit from. For example, if I didn't care about 3D then this would not interest me. So this should be carefully decided.

You can also make signed copies or special cases for people who contribute in such a significant manner.