Holidays are over!

this is what i was referring to... that's not a good enough reason not to share :).
Maybe, but the song ran out just before the end of the footage that made the cut, but before what I kept ED's own words in for. I sent it to the person I made it for. It wasn't up to my personal standards, but it fulfilled its purpose.

I don't think there was much extra info people couldn't get from watching the original videos, however a lot (especially related to the community) was missing. The stuff that was missing had been told to the person before, and I had to keep the video short. If I come across it I guess it can be put on youtube.

I have thought about it a bit more, and I could probably throw something together that is maybe 20 minutes, but it would be full of notes popping up all the time. Finding time for it will be a problem right now. We shall see what my schedule looks when he gives us the "IT'S ALIVE!!!" video, by which I mean he shows it to us with most software working, and plays some games. I wouldn't mind making one for people that are interested in the development, it just won't be as pretty as what ED or others might be able to make.
thanks for the latest news and the *not* boring video, ed!
it really makes me wanting my pyra asap!!! :)

as i like the glow of the transparent case in the dark, i still prefer an c64-breadbin-grey or c64c-beige. ;)
it looks soo verry well engineered and pro! we all will get our verry durable and fixable little pyras soon, woohoo!!!