Gp32X Is Not Good Enough

@Orkie: You can do a bit of cleaning up by using the minus buttons next to each forum section. I just did that myself, it certainly helps clearing up the real estate.
WarmFluffyUK said:
I personally would feel very let down if there was a forum split. This community has been here a very long time and it's through our board members and our input that the Pandora exists in the first place.
I've followed this thread all day with bad fellings but without the words to explain them. You've done better than me thanks :)

mali said:
Where did you try to get rid of the fights? Tell me where did you talk about it before?
You're not fair here, ED have tried many time to calm down theses 2 wars... Even yesterday, so you might remember I guess...

Orkie said:
  • The scene pretty much split a long time ago anyway. People can deny this, but it's true.
  • Anybody who wants to could go to both.
  • Nobody should rely on this forum to run a business.
  • A few of GP people are unhappy about a _GP_ forum being invaded by other stuff.
  • A few of the Pandora people don't see why anybody else would want anything else.
  • GP32x is home to a unique style of argument, where everybody convinces themselves they are completely unbiased and are trying to see every point of view, then go straight away and ignore the other point of view. This results in never-ending fights when the above meet.
  • With the tension reduced, by nobody being forced to deal with people they don't like, you might even see more development!
  • There are too many forums on here - look how many doubles there are. I'm sure I'm not the only one who could optimise that.
  • The Pandora section from what I've seen (I've never really had much of an interest in it) seems to have degenerated into some kind of weird 4chan-like place just full of in-jokes.

I.e. I think a partial split has already happened, and this in itself causes problems, and I think a total split is not necessarily a bad thing for either 'side'.
While I don't agree with you on all your point, this is first sensible post I read from you (I'm not lurking the same place as you, we only share off topic, so I don't read you much...), thanks for that. (I only quote the part I liked most, I hope you won't mind the edit :D )

Orkie said:
  • It is mostly these few Pandora people who go into the GP sections to cause trouble. While they do get a rude response, it is generally they who started it. If everybody kept to their own sections it wouldn't be such an issue, but it seems very few are capable of doing this without some artificial separation.
While I don't read much the other device forums much, I've yet to see that happening. But I've read your angriness against a few pandora's forum users (and from a few others gp2x/wiz users too). As I've seen some members of the gp32spain community trolling around too.
But I may have missed some, sorry about that :)

MWeston said:
I like ED's idea about making some kind of official support forum available on the main website and it does seem like a professional thing to do, but I could see lots of topics linking back and forth between the sites eventually. Tough call.
While I also find that it's a good idea to have something more official from the business point of view, I'm not sure that I will read to much there if it's only some "unknown" users complaining about problems. (gp32x already steal me too much time already :D ) And I'm sure others feels the same...

On topic :
These boards are cool. They gather some most talented people i've seen. And this community is awesome. We love our devices and tend to be emotionnal about theses.
I would love to see these useless wars end. They have no usefull purpose beside creating more anger between people.
Wake up guys, "handheld retro-gaming" is some kind of niche. we aren't billions. So we should just unit so every one enjoy the best experience out of it's handheld(s) (be it a pandora, a wiz, a dingoo, whatever).

@Craig (I know you'll read this :p ) :
Please, pretty please, try to behave more professionnaly. While I realy don't care directly (I'm fine with your personnality), you're behaviour here isn't a way to run a business IMHO. While I found *that* video link you got was rather insulting, the best thing you should have done is just not reacting at all... And the mods are realy here to help (even when you don't want help). So far I have found them more protecting you then anything else.
@ED: Great business man so far :D Thanks a lot for your fireman works :)
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To be honest, I think the lot of you are behaving like children. Are you honestly going to sit here and bicker over which console is superior, etc? What exactly is the difficulty in coexisting in one place? If I remember correctly, the entire point behind open source and open handhelds is to create, share, and improve through community efforts.

I'm sure no one cares for all this trolling and fighting between different "groups" of users that "support" a specific handheld. The point is that They're all just as important. I can't understand why there's this separation between the Caanoo and the Pandora, or anything else, for that matter. To be quite honest, if I weren't in a rough patch financially, I'd have ordered a pandora AND a caanoo by now.

I really don't understand all this childish nonsense, and I see no reason for a forum split at all. Everyone is already here, and I'm sure a lot of us are interested in both consoles.
People who want to heckle people about their choice of handheld will continue to do so even if you split the boards up. Actually, since it'd be more of a "us vs. them" thing, it might be worse. Kinda like the windows fanboys you get on a mac forum, the mac fanboys you get on a windows forum, etc. Even ignoring that though, I really disagree with this decision. I don't want this community to split up.

Also, this is so that craig can do what he wants, you realize (especially since the mods aren't letting him rampage like he used to). Kinda like when he disregarded a far better repo a certain community member made for the pandora in favor of his own app store, just so that he could control it. I usually don't have a problem with him, but this type of shit makes me angry.
It's all just sad, really. Differences of opinion happen all the time, it doesn't mean you should fight over it.
what "fights" I see no broken limbs - who cares, who says, what, about who? there really are better things in life to get worked up about!

as for a forum (or lack of one) causing the "open source" scene to die, well that's just no way a valid argument, OS was around for some number of years before the pandora and in order for it to die you need to loose, google code etc and 1,000's of private authors sites... (all handily indexed by search engines...)

People should be less precious and stop taking the bait, if you end up in a mines better that yours type argument - are you *really* behaving in an adult manner.

I like the gp32x forums, but they could shrivel and die (which I don't want) and in reality it would have only a small (if any) impact on the quantity and quality of pandora software...

I think separating the forums would make little difference one way or the other.... It will solve nothing but equally it will harm nothing (so why bother)
chris_c said:
I think separating the forums would make little difference one way or the other....

There will be a HUGE difference!

[sub]I'll need to be signed in on both forums all the time...[/sub]
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I've thought about it and support the split. Not because I'm convinced, but because all other routes lead to worse results.
Good bye, folks :)
I think it would be a good thing for craig to be running his own, separate, official pandora forums. As long as this site still has it's own pandora-centric forums.
II've certainly been guilty of fanboyish posts and mild trolling, but I generally don't go to the Other Consoles forum to do iit. But you know what, fanboyism isn't going to go away, we might all be getting older so it's less stupid, but the content is still there. And forum drama isn't going to go away. It's best to not take these things so personally.

That said, and without any stake in the whole OP thing, I can understand the point that an Official forum would be good for the OP project and if they want to do that, fine. Maybe this could be a lease of life for this forum too, I'd like to see more handhelds supported here. Like the Nanonote and maybe Odroid. This might be capitalist logic, but it's better to expand than contract. :)
The split will just waste my time since I'm interested in both GPH and pandora stuff, and it's already taking far too much time walking through "View New Content" list here. I really doubt it will stop fanboy war, threads with "hot matters" like zod/Franxis not releasing the source will be cross-linked between forums like they are now between gp32spain<->gp32x, people will cross-post to defend their point of view and fighting will continue. Unless you enforce some extreme censorship like banning person mentioning "wrong" device on each forum you can't really stop that.

And Orkie just wants to get rid of pandora stuff here since he is not interested.
What if a certain number of developers who would like to follow both communities (like notaz mentioned) would decide to stop bothering just because of this split?
That Admin logo looks good on you, Craig.

In the new forum there is not only Support but also development sub-forums. This kinda contradicts what ED said some posts above in this topic and also confirms notaz's worries. As a user I'm worried too.
Oh no, a second Pandora forum will certainly be the doom of the open handheld scene! And craigix is admin, how terrible for all of those foolish enough to follow his lure and register there.

These are dark times indeed, i predict the two communities will soon be at war with each other and all developers will run away.

Honestly mali, i think if any of your misgivingngs were justified, you would be able to support your position with arguments. Like Orkie did.

If you dislike craigix so much, why aren't you glad he's gone now?
I'm actually sad he is gone cause he just hurts the community with his egomanism. We had problems here but at least we worked together in one way or the other. My personal advice for all you Pandora folks is to leave GP32X and register on the new forums. A split over two separate forums will do too much damage in the long run.
mali said:
I'm actually sad he is gone cause he just hurts the community with his egomanism. We had problems here but at least we worked together in one way or the other. My personal advice for all you Pandora folks is to leave GP32X and register on the new forums. A split over two separate forums will do too much damage in the long run.
While I do share your sadness, I just hope nobody does the jump.... Well I won't.
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