Time For Pandora News To Appear On Gp32x


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Apr 30, 2003
Nottingham UK
I noticed the new pandora Newz zone forum which is a step in the right direction, does this mean that Pandora News will start to show up on the main gp32x site, personally i think any news from developers who have the devkit should appear now on gp32x and get the mainstream buzzing even more about the pandora, yes i know theres a pandora blog but a site that isnt ran by the pandora team would bring even more attention to the project.

I do understand the need to not build up the project too much but the recent videos posted by all the devs should really be on the front page for discussion, lets be fair this console can easily become the biggest homebrew console of all and with the recent mainstream attention that the PSP, DS, Wii and PS3 homebrew scenes get its at a good time.

who agrees with me ;)
At minimum, if it doesn't happen at the Pandora's Release, I'll complain. But until then, there really isn't anything to announce, other than upcoming preorders.