Greetings Corrupt Homebrew Scene

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This is hardly benefitting anyone - restarting discussion on a thread that was closed down.. let's all move on please and shutdown this one as well.

I'm sure DaveC is quite able to defend himself if he considers it matters.
And to be quite honest, I would think he doesn't care too much, so kicking it all up again isn't being very constructive.

It's times like this, when I find myself stunned by things I shouldn't, that I remember that my wife has studied anthropology...

...and I have not.
Couldnt be bothered to read any of that. I just thought I'd post anyway as it's funny when things like this get posted and it becomes 20 pages and then deleted later on.

I may post again in a few posts just for fun :lol:

:unsure: ;) B) :eek: :ph34r: :rolleyes: :huh: :lol:
I have been a member of these boards for over 3 years now, I'm not a programmer/developer, I merely enjoy what others create, when I first joined the GP32 was in its prime and the other members on the forums were incredibly helpful, however the same can't be said now.

I'm not posting this to aggrivate anyone, just to share my thoughts, everything that has recently occured would never have 3 years ago and I'm struggling to see why this is, I know there are more hand-helds out there, I manage a Video Game's store so I sell all of them on a regular basis, but it shouldn't effect the way we behave towards one another, almost everyone on these boards love the GP32/GP2x and what is being done with them and are more than happy to answer anyones questions in a positive way, however I have recently read other posts where the first answer to a question has been in a negative/offensive manner.

We dont need this on these boards, it puts newcomers off for one thing and how do we know that they aren't the next Reesey/Vobbo, imagine how the current developers are going to think when all they see is negativity towards other members and projects.

We need to get back to doing what we all do best, help each other make the GP2x scene what it deserves to be, one of the greatest homebrew systems currently available, not make it a dark and miserable place.

Can we close this thread and others like it please, they aren't helping anyone.
Ahh another flame war is born <_<

Go ahead guys bash away.

And if that Guru badge bothers you all so much PM Hando and have it revoked. It really doesn't matter to me.

I am not going to respond to the bashers and haters. Everyone has a right to hate me. I think bringing it up all of the time is counterproductive and "negative" though (the thing everyone knocks me for) but whatever it is a forum.

I hope this is closed soon as I see no good comming from this.
Not open for further replies.