Gp32X Is Not Good Enough

b1ueskycomp1ex said:
Exophase said:
How did you go from "I already stepped down from being a mod" to unbanning Quasist and PoisonedV? :<

It's quite simple really, craig's departure has caused the forums to go absolutely flipping mad.

I don't know if that's the right caterpillar to be using in this teapot.
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Clare said:
I have to say what is on my mind here.

Okay maybe another forum may be the right way to go for the Pandora, sad however it is, but I totally question Craig's motivation for currently doing so. It all seems to come quickly after being moderated. My personal feelings on this is that Craig definitely wants more control, the ability to censor, impose his foot and to keep his board free of negative impact. After all, it makes good business sense from his point of view, which comes back to him treating these boards as his livelihood.

Now that it's all said and done, I hope it all goes well, I really hope and that Craig's team can moderate the place fairly and that Craig doesn't go off the deep end in one of his blue mouthed rants, which as I have always said is very unprofessional, hopefully his new moderation team will edit his posts if he does go a little loopy... Now where have I heard that before!


I like the independence here. I would prefer bullshit to flow than live under too much control.

This whole fresh start stuff is an illusion I think. I don't see how it solves anything at all... much better to fight in your homeland than migrate to an island.

I'll probably avoid the new world order, simply because I'm likely to be banned; Simply saying that my battery was broken provoked aggression from members of the team. I was accused of lying. So instead of taking it back, I'm trying to make a difference here by changing to a more positive tone again.

How can you practise your bullshit detection if you're never exposed to it?
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SomeGuy99 said:
How can you practise your bullshit detection if you're never exposed to it?
We are on a pretty high Zen level here, hard to get the new boards equally well, methinks.
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