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See, that right there is exactly what I'm talking about, getting emotional at criticism. I don't have the quote handy because it was well over a year ago that you said it, but I distinctly remember previous drama involving posts questioning the Pandora simply disappearing, and you confessed that you had done it and banned the person responsible, the exact kind of censorship that was feared when you convinced us to move here from GP32X. "Next to never" is more than you claimed you were going to, which was exactly never. That is what I'm talking about. All of the new drama, where you were accused of doing something that you didn't, stems from that very original betrayal of trust, that you were going to hand off all mod powers, and then silently held onto them to be misused. If you hadn't reacted the way you had no one would have questioned you, no one would be suspicious of you today, and there would certainly be no need for whatever work EvilDragon had to go through in order to engage the buffer that he has. You overreacted to an emotional situation and for the next year or so have been a subject of mistrust whenever something suspicious happens: this should not have been a surprise.

This is not me being a bully, nor causing trouble, this is me telling you exactly why people are upset with you and why this was necessary to regain trust. If you think this is being a bully, then you need to seriously grow some thicker skin, accept that you are a human being capable of making mistakes, and that sometimes people are going to call you out on those mistakes. It's up to you whether you heed those warnings or not.
I think it's you who is getting a bit emotional.

Stop posting your oddball views as if they are facts. You just don't seem to like the fact that people came here and the forum is a success.

Get over it and move on. I really don't have time to keep defending myself as it's a catch22. If I don't say something, irrational nonsense like what you have just posted becomes 'fact' because I didn't defend it.

If I try to defend myself then I'm somehow committing some kind of 'crime' against the forum.

Once again I want to make clear the post deleting you think I did, I didn't do. The only time I've done mod work is times when the forum rules have been broken and no other mod has been online to deal with it. I'd say the most common thing I have done is remove spam.

Just try to understand this is a forum on the internet. It isn't life or death.

Why don't you use the GP32x forum if you have a problem with me?
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Okay thats enough.


If this conversation needs to continue both parties need to discuss their differences via PM which a mod can supervise if requested.
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