Gamepad From Led Shoppe


Still Fresh
Sep 5, 2006
I'm looking for gamepads for playing games in 2 players modes throught BOB.
It's this gamepad from LED shoppe good for playing?
Could GP2X recognized it? Cause on page it says "For use with PC Windows 98/ME/2000/XP"... linux is not mentioned.
What's the quality.. has anybody any experience with this cheap gamepad??
are those sticks analog? i'd go for as simple of one as you can manage. good thing about that one is it's only $10, and if it doesn't work you have a nice gamepad for your PC, which is worth having.
I got a simillar one with turbo/slow buttons too for less than $7 from a computer accessories shop nearby, but I never got the chance to test it yet with my BOB.