Finding a proper name and logo :)

Pandora's legacy will still be a topic for any successor. People are not crazy.. I can already see the comments on slashdot  "don't buy it, this is from the Pandora guys they even re-named their company - it is a big cover up"

Still a lot of folks are interested in the Pandora even though it had some bad publicity. In the past the two companies could be mixed up and then it would be a bad idea, but now Craig is gone there is no risk.
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OpenPandora GmbH maybe should be renamed then to Dragonbox GmbH, so people don't make connections between these.

It' actualy a good idea to use DRAGONBOX as brand and then choose an actual name for the Device.

And I actualy like "DragonByte" too. ^^
OpenPandora GmbH maybe should be renamed then to Dragonbox GmbH, so people don't make connections between these.
Why do that when one could start a new company for the new product?
Craig does start a new company for everything.

The new company does not have any money for the development and the production of the Successor.

Also the old company has to pay back about 300000€ to the investors.

How should that be done?
With Craig flaming out in public and ED continuing on I don't think there is a need to hide the Pandora connection.

OpenPandora GmbH may even need the dragonbox to finally turn a profit. This is the Internet the more you hide things the more chance they come back and bite you.

dragonbyte sounds cool too.
The much-anticipated DragonBox Pyragon, produced by OpenPandora GmbH.

Sounds good!
I can totally live with that. No need to change the boards or I think openpandora is not bad advertisement at all, and changing the name of the company could be interpreted as cover up. Dragonbox refers to his webshop, and Pyragon is a nice name.

Anyone who can remember one of the three names will find relevant information on google. 
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^^ too much like neo-geo and it reminds me of those crappy Matrix sequels, they so should have just made 1 film!
I've only watched the first Matrix movie - thought that was crap and didn't bother with the others.

Neo means New so, it's kind of a reference to a new console and a new start.
my preferences

1. Pandora
2. DragonBox

3. Pyra

I like Pyragon, but can't see myself saying "pass the Pyragon" it doesn't trip off the tongue.  "pass the Pyra" doesn't really sound well either.  Guess I can say "give me a go already" no matter what it's called.

Could go like "Dragonbox Model A" or whatever, that's ok but a bit dull.

Can we come up with something that's just two syllables, or otherwise smooth to say?

I've been following this closely, but haven't seen (or come up with) any new name that's as good as Pandora in my opinion. History of Pandora project is what it is, I don't think we should be trying to disown it. (and I don't really believe in "Pandora's curse" - that the project is doomed due to the name!! Pandora jewellery and radio and doing well AFAIK)
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ED, Can we keep using the name Pandora and logo? Like Pandora ][ or Pandora2 or Pandora X or Pandora QL?