Considering Getting A Ds...

Oh I should mention as well, the Intec and PDA ones do seem to use some sort of adhesive. The Gamester one on the other hand is like the ones for the PSP, it uses static to hold to the screen (and hold tight it does!) so leaves NO residue when removed and can be reapplied infinite number of times.

The Nushield ones sound pretty cool and are a good price at $12 for 3, beats out the Intec ones at $5 for 1, and sounds like they are much higher quality. I was going to pick up some more PDA ones at Best Buy but I think I'll give these a try. Thanks Mr. Twit!
Also, get yourself some sort of extendable stylus (althoug htechnically using a non-Nintendo stylus voids your warranty)

They are usually more comfortable to hold

I use my Pocket PC stylus, it just feels nicer
Got my Electric Blue DS a couple days ago with Mario 64 for $105 and it's pretty good. The controls take a little while to get used to but they work. The minigames and new levels are a nice touch, but I dislike the fact that they removed some old stars to replace them with new ones that aren't as good. I've been plaing Mario 64 for a total of ~7 hours now and I'm about 1/5 of the way through. Not too bad. By the time I'm done with it (3 100% files) I should have enough money to pick up Canvas Curse. These two should last me till this fall when Mario Kart comes out.
I ordered some of those NuShield protectors... can't wait til they arrive they sound like they're really gonna be great. With no adhesive they should be a snap to install, and since they are oversized getting the whole screen covered shouldn't be an issue.

Hurry up and get here already!

I REALLY want a blue DS :( If I trade mine in with my used mario for one of those bundles I'll have to cover like $50 difference... kinda debating if it's worth the cost. Getting a new system with another virgin screen would be icing on the cake... this time I'll never even LOOK at it w/o a cover (guess I'll just have to apply the cover blindfolded!). Gonna rummage thru my games and see what I have of value to trade in.....
$50 for color change/new screen doesn't seem like it'd be worth it. Put that money to better use by getting Canvas Curse.
i don't see how it would be possible since the specs are worse than the GP32s and we can't do it on our systems. And i think i remember hearing that the DS doesn't have independent 3d hardware, but i could be wrong.

A first generation DS game is mario 64. Now the N64 is a pretty damn powerufl console....
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$50 for color change/new screen doesn't seem like it'd be worth it. Put that money to better use by getting Canvas Curse.

Heh but you have to look at it from my point of view... the pov of someone who is damn crazy about handhelds.... :lol:

but yeah, it's just not justified RIGHT NOW... when I have some more extra money I'll probably do it.
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Just a heads up, Kirby Canvas Curse is getting pretty good reviews, but unfortunately (and somewhat surprisingly) Goldeneye Rogue Agent is not :(
yep. seen alot of reviews for Goldeneye Rogue agent and most are saying that the only things that make it worth buying are the multiplayer and the 3d engine which is apparently pretty smooth. i may still get it though even if i has got some bad reviews. one game im not sure bout is splinter cell though. im thinking of getting this but im unsure. and plus the engine used for this will most definitely be getting used in prince of persia for the ds
edit: hey bast, u were at e3 right? did u play the metroid hunters thing and if so was there any sign of a single player story mode? cause from wat ive read it seems to be missing.
no I saw no indication of a single player story mode for Hunters. They had a bunch of DS's set up side by side running Hunters but it was multiplayer only.

I've said it before that it's been said in magazines and websites that the focus of hunters would be multiplayer 'death matching'. And there hasn't been a lot of mention of any kind of real story. Though, the little movie you unlock after completing the demo does seem to suggest there will be some sort of story mode. I've also seen it quoted from one of the guys over at Retro Studios that they would LIKE to do a regular game "in the style of Metroid Prime" on the DS, again suggesting, that Hunters is not going to have a single player story the likes of Prime.

There was also a Metroid Pinball game there which was utter crap IMO :( But I couldn't tell if this was a seperate game or was something that will be included in Hunters.

I think I'm gonna pick up Canvas Curse today if I get a chance :D Kinda looking forward to playing that one now.

And I hope my new screen protectors from NuShield arrive today!!! These Intec ones are CRAP!
well at least if retro studios do decide to make a metroid prime game for ds then we can be sure it will definitely be pretty good. God i so want Cursed Canvas. my friend imported it from japan but sold it a few days later. But then again i'll be getting another code on friday when it is released in europe so that will keep me content until i get money for goldeneye and splinter cell the week after.
I've been playing Cursed Canvas most of the night at work. It is pretty good, better than I expected. It is very similiar to Yoshi's Touch and Go, only with real levels to advance thru like a regular platform game, and a lot more technique and different ways to go thru the levels. This is the best DS game I've played since Mario 64. It's actually caused me to completely drain my DS battery for the first time in like three months...

okay what's the deal with Another Code? haven't heard anything on this game.
Yeh the story is kinda weird for another code but wat is weirder is i have check the release schedules for ds games and apparently america aint getting it til 13/9/04. Dont understand that. Just wondering myself bout importing cursed canvas but ive heard that goemon is pretty good only problem is that its in japanese. oh well might just get it to look at the pretty colours.
p.s Theres some stuff bout another code.
Goemon games are almost always good. I'm kinda interested in buying the Japanese one myself....
i have to say that if we get more games doing stuff like goemon and showing the kinda graphics goemon does then the ds would have some amazing 3d games. I particularly love the goemon ds advert for japan. stupid but class.