Ds Lite!!!


Oct 4, 2005
Liverpool, UK
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Hooray hooray, turned 21 on Tuesday, and got one of them DS Lite things. With Sonic Rush and Animal Crossing. Haven't got much reasoning behind this post, just I haven't been on for a while, and have something to rave about :D

I love everything about it, the two games are already amongst the best I've ever played. Anyone able to reccommend any DS-goodies?

I'm looking at getting New Super Mario Bros, Mario 64 DS, Mario Kart DS, Tamagotchi Corner Shop... that type of thing.

Hello to everyone by the way.
Well, get those four, and check out Tetris and (I love) Tony Hawk's American Sk8land, if you're into that kind of game. Castlevania is also great, but a little too predictable.

There's lots of great stuff coming out soon though, so make sure you save up a lot of money.
aprently tamagotchi game
get wario ware!!! and the splinter cell game is rather good
tamagotchi is brilliant but it doesnt take to long to do everything and some of the levels get a bit tedious doing the same over and over, but if you could find it at a good price its worth ago. i know i might get flamed for this but in my opinion super princess peach is way better than new super mario bros. also reccomend: wario ware, mario & luigi, trauma center (gets very difficult though), tetris ds (espcially over wi-fi) mario kart ds, metroid, phoenix wright, kirby canvas curse........ dont be tempted by nintendogs though, its crap.