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Jan 29, 2004
Scotland, UK
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Ok. I've had my original DS since xmas 2004 and my Ice blue ds lite for nearly a year now but I'm bored with the games that I currently have in my possession. I'm looking to buy two games that would keep me occupied for a substantial period of time. I was thinking of getting Star Fox Command or Custom Robo Arena as one of the games but I would like to get an rpg on ds that will last a considerable time period.

Out of these RPG's on DS, which would you recommend:-

Final Fantasy 3
Children of Mana

I can't remember any others on DS at the mo. I'm purely looking for games that would be available for ds in the uk and I'm not looking to import because I just cant be arsed. Any suggestions for other games that would be good would be great. And I'll play just about anything, apart from Dogz, Catz, you know those types of games.

So what would people recommend? I currently have:-
Ouendan, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Metroid Prime Hunters, Ridge Racer DS and Yoshi's Touch and Go
The two I've been playing lately are Puzzle Quest and Hotel Dusk. I'd recommend both, but you might want to read up on Hotel Dusk first since it may not be you're kind of game, I dunno.

I don't know if those are available in the UK either, so if they aren't, disregard my comment.
Which castlevania would you recommend? I always wanted to get Dawn of Sorrows but Portrait of Ruins look and sounds the better game. My only concern about FF3 is that it is supposed to be hard which may set me off about it. Anyone played FF3? if so whats it like on ds.

Hotel Dusk is out here in the UK, and after playing Another Code, its something that would interest me. But like you said, I should read up about it first. Puzzle Quest i think is out for DS. Not sure. ahven't been paying much attention much when in games stores lately which is why im asking here for opinions. To much to think about what with college and stuff.

I reckon I'll definitely get star fox, if purely for the multiplayer.

Would love to get Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Not out for a while though which sucks. I was considering getting a pokemon game on the gba so I could transfer pokemon across to diamond and pearl when they finally get released. Might get Ruby or emerald.
I wasn't that keen on FF3 (it was a bit too slow paced), Children of Mana is much more exciting and I've nearly finished it (though I've not played it for months now) :). Lost in Blue is a fun game as is Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, Trauma Center and Kuru Kuru Chameleon (only available in Japanese?). New Super Mario Bros. is worth getting too, but only once you have the others as it is really just the same as any other Mario game.
Rub Rabbits was a pain in the arse to complete. At one point i had to stick my ds up to a fan to complete a mini game because you couldn't do it blowing into the mic.
Took me a few goes to beat the final boss on Mario and Luigi. I had to time travel back to the beginning of that place that the final battle takes place in and just level up. It was a good game but I was kinda disappointed with it. Wasn't as funny as people made it out to be.

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Edit Edit: My friend code is 073109630106. The names Chris and the towns called Tahiti. Anyone wanna come? Oh and I got Star fox. First impressions are that its not as good as people are saying. Controls are frustrating but im using the thumb nub thing. Might try the stylus later.
Magical Starsign. ( I think. )
It's an RPG that came out at the same time as Children of Mana, but isn't as well-known.
Quite a good game. Much better than Children of Mana which was horrible. =/
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