A short-trip to Greece

Quick update: Final samples should ship later this week and then I can (hopefully) give the go :)

However, I just caught Covid today, so I won't be able to go to the office for at least a week. So far everything is good, just feeling a little feverish :)
Take the time you need to recover - don't try and go back to your usual work schedule too early - we do not want you to suffer 'long Covid', both out of concern for you, and purely selfish reasons!
I'm doing fine so far, just a little fever and exhaustion.
I'm fully vaccinated, so it should only be mild symtoms. And yeah, Long Covid is the biggest thing I'm concerned about, that's something I definitely don't need...
and taking a massive dose of vitamin D - like 20,000 units.
Be careful with vitamin D. The body is not able to dispose of surplus vitamin D, it will cause damage all over your body when you overdose: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin_D_toxicity
Shittalking people into buying unnecessary vitamin D supplements for profit became a thing, it's recommended to consult with an actual doctor to get your levels checked before even touching any supplements with a significant size. I wouldn't even trust those services that send you a test kit.

Vitamin C is free game, though. Any surplus vitamin C goes straight into your urine.
A dose - like in "one". Plus, to me, what I suggested implies going to a doctor. Or do you go to your car mechanic for an vitamin C infusion? ;)
A dose - like in "one".
There are certainly better ways for relying on the placebo effect. There are no reliable scientific studies that found any significant positive effect on taking vitamin D supplements unless you actually have a vitamin D deficit.

The body processes about 20 µg (800 IU) vitamin D per day. It takes over 25 days to get rid of that one dose. The body has plenty of capacity to hold onto that without getting into toxic levels, but by lingering that long in your body one easily underestimates the potential for long term build-up even by "single doses".

Even if you actually have an illness-induced deficit of vitamin D, 1/10th of the dose would already be enough and much safer.

Or do you go to your car mechanic for an vitamin C infusion? ;)
Why wouldn't I? You can't overdose on that. Vitamin C supplements and enriched foods are already sold everywhere - it's very convenient that it acts as a food preservative as well. You can literally get your fill of vitamin C from junk food. Your chances of finding vitamin C enriched sweets on the counter of your car mechanic is actually not that low.

However, there are contractual garages with an actual enforced QA and proper access to documentation for your car and there are backyard mechanics working only on the weekends. There's a large amount of Ford owners who killed their EcoBoost engine by getting their oil change from a 3rd party car mechanic - because they used the correct type of oil but did not know about the special additive that prevents the engine's belts from falling apart.

There's nothing wrong about questioning the judgement of a general practitioner and getting a 2nd opinion, it's not their job to be a specialist in every topic but to redirect you to one if you need it. There's a difference between apparently harmless off-hand recommendations and creating a treatment plan that may require to re-check one's medical sources. Being PR bombed by pharmaceutical companies is not exactly helpful, either - in the end it's a kind of astroturfing, some things tend to stick around.
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Oh looks like COVID will finally come to an end then : what a dragon catches will definitely not survive ^^
Take care, ED, you and your relatives first, then maybe think about the pyrae. Well, getting them delivered is also good for your finance, I suppose :)
Hi Ed,
I'm glad to hear you don't seem to have a bad case of Covid. I hope you're taking care of yourself!

It sounds like most the remaining case issues have been resolved. I look forward to hearing how the shipped samples end up working.
Looking forward to receiving my Pyra. Thank you for all the ongoing work to make it a good device!