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Are the cases made of material that can withstand the force of a pallet? I recall mention of a pallet crushing the original set of Pyra cases.
So after building hte prototypes, you'll put the rest of the clear cases up on the store to sell...right?
What I'm thinking of doing is getting a wine red (please?) 2 GB Pyra when it's out, then as the years go by and we (hopefully) get upgrade parts I would put the older components into the clear case as a sort of personal monument (with the intent of technically still being usable of course).
My old and trusty wine red Pyra, worn out by time but still as sprightly as when she was born due to the parts upgrades she gets over the years, and my clear Pyra proudly displaying all the old original parts.
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I seem to remember that you can see that behavior when your display cable gets damaged. Since some of the traces that control the backlight are carried over the display cable. So it might not be the chip itself.
Could also be the Case, i mean i carry the Pandora in my Pockets, so somethimes its may get some force, so the Display Cable could be a bit damaged, and if its the trace for the Lightning Controll...
But i dotnt think that a Repair would make some sense now, as i expect my Pyra soon, and the Pyra have some Changes in the Display Cable and a much thougher Case..
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Might be a good idea to use the rest of the 90 or so clear cases to get the first preorder units out the door?
As im Number 28, i would rather like to wait some more Weeks and have a Non Transparent Case from the Better Case Company..
Better to Sell these 90 Clear Cases as a Extra, maybe for a Speziell higher Collectors Price to support the Pyra Development
What's the plan for assembly? Is ED going to assemble every unit personally? Can some of us germans help?
I'm only assembling the prototypes once the stuff arrives in Germany (already on the way), I'm not assembling the full units (GC will do that).
That's why we're fixing the moulds now to ready them for mass production. It's not a hard thing to fix, thankfully.
So if these new Cases from the new company are good, GC populates the 3 PCBS (DISPLAY MAIN CPU Board) put anything together and ship the Pyra at your place ??

So whe can say, the Pyra is Made in Germany ??
More like it was whit the Rebirth and the Gigaherz Edition, i have the First Batch CC Pandora, this was maybe hand assembled from "You know who i mean", when it came long time ago to me, One of the Shoulderbuttons ditnt work when i unpacket it, so i mapped the Playstation Emulator to work L whit a Keyboard Key, but then i fixed this myself and forgotten long time to remapped L on the Left Shoulderbuttons ^^
ED - Can I be cheeky and ask, if possible, that you (or someone) videos a prototype Pyra being assembled?
For all Craig's faults, I used to really enjoy his Pandora videos, and it made the whole experience more complete somehow!

Totally understand if this isn't possible or practical. I know you are a very busy chap :D

Can't wait for the next phase of case completion and prototype production to begin.

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