Release 1Ghz boards. Fancy one?


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Feb 3, 2003
Updated may 30th:

As you may already know, a small test run of 150 1Ghz Pandora units is being produced in June/July.

What's new:

CPU is 1Ghz (overclockable)

GPU is now 200MHz instead of 110MHz

RAM is now 512MB instead of 256MB

Memory is clocked at 200MHz instead of 166MHz

CPU L1 cache increased from 16KB/16KB to 32KB/32K

Case is new stronger silver version

We already have working samples and they are around 50% faster than the current Pandora, even with overclocking taken in to account.

At comparisons between 600Mhz and 1Ghz the difference is more than 50% (this will be updated once further testing is done).

At comparisons at 1Ghz (overclocked original Pandora) and 1250Ghz (overclocked 1Ghz Pandora) the new Pandora is still 50% faster.

This run of 150 is expensive, which is reflected in the price. These simply exist because there is a demand for them, even at this price. We know it's expensive and not for everyone - but they will help OP.

These units use all the latest parts, nubs, LCD cable, RAM etc. The unit will be the most solid and best Pandora produced so far.

Email: with the topic '1Ghz Upgrade', then choose:


Buying a whole new 1Ghz unit: $699 plus shipping - these are custom built and expensive. They have the silver case. They will be marked as 1Ghz special test run. I'm sure I and Ed can sign them.

2) (cheaper):

We swap your old unit for a new 1Ghz one.

What you have to do:

Pay $500 + shipping, Send back your unit, we will send you a new 1Ghz silver case unit.

We will keep your old PCB, we may use your LCD, keymat, buttons etc. on your upgraded unit if they are still in good shape.

^ this might be ideal if you have an old, tired Pandora.


If you *just* want a 1Ghz board:

Pay $500+shipping and send back your old PCB, we will send you the new PCB and you do the upgrade yourself. *recommended if you have a unit with the new LCD cable*. Replacing your PCB is a simple job.


If you have a preorder waiting to be shipped you can upgrade to the 1Ghz units by paying the difference.

The reason we want old PCBs is 1) to check their condition after use and 2) we would like to be able to offer a very cheap version of the Pandora using refurbished PCBs.

Email: with the topic '1Ghz Upgrade' for questions.
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since you never delivered on that long lost video you promised a while ago, how about a new video showing off how it's running some of the basics to help people decide on dropping $700 on something
Looks like i'm not the only one laughing out loud. Let's see if ours posts are going to be deleted again.

Let's see, actual price of is $499. I have to spend that fresh new pandora plus $500 to receive that other unit. That is $1000. But i can buy a complete unit for $700.

I don't understand it. Does it mean that the rebirth pandora is worth $300 only?

Who would be that stupid and send a pandora in? Even for first preorders it's more expensive.
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There is no need for this "feedback on any software issues" or hidden forum at all, it's already known we have full compatibility. It seems Craig wants to do some premium early access thing.
True, the test run is more or a test of the hardware production, not the software :)

I'm using one of these as daily units and everything works nicely softwarewise (our current OS is already supporting both SoCs).
Keep up the good work guys, but this sounds like a scalping. Over to those with more money than sense.
Craig has strong business-genes so I guess it's just the way he does things, I see no big problem there. :)

I would like to know how is the general battery time of these 1GHz Pandoras compared to the normal ones? I guess the CPU speed costs some battery time but maybe the powersave features of ther new Firmware can still provide decent running time?
Price puts me way off... especially considering you'll probably get an "old" Pandora out of, what is effectively, an exchange.

If you offered a refund for a working board (ie, so you could sell another Pandora out of the old board), I might be tempted.

How much memory is on the new board? How does battery life compare?
I think it's rather the countrary, I suspect a stock 1GHz DM3730 draw less than a 3530 at 1GHz @ OPP5... Haven't looked at the specs trough..
Again. also see no problem... It should be stated that the OS/Software is stable and it's basically a test run of the hardware. And if people have enough money to dive into Craig's pilot/test run scheme and it helps OP keep running, then I don't see a problem, business make business decisions...

It's out of my price range, but I assume when these boards become the de facto standard Pandora, then the price will be the same current Pandora price.

For something that will inevitably become the normal run for a lower price I am more than happy to wait. It would be a better deal to sell on my current Pandora after receiving a new unit. Really though, unless I see across the board reports of this update being an absolute game changer I will probably wait until Pandora2
I emailed Jacquelyn a while back asking if it was possible to pay the upgrade price now, and hold off on delivery of my Oct 2009 preorder until units with the new SoC were shipping (or sooner if it figures into your testing phase). I don't know how or if this fits into your plans Craig, but if that is something attractive to you then let me know.

I don't think that would be near the $700 mark that you're asking for a completely new order though.

If it helps the project, then great.
Is this the official

"This software runs fine on a 1 Ghz Pandora with 512MB RAM"

banner competition thread?

Sorry for the bad joke. Hope I will never see such banners.

ED, Can I ask why Craig sells these units? Would it be cheaper to buy them from you, who coordinates manufacturing? Bug reports and user feedbacks would be on a shorter route to GC.

Thank you in advance.
I've got too much work to do right now, so I cannot organize this as well. These are even more eMails I would get, and I've got enough left.
Can't really see the need for secret forums for Pandora 1.5, surely the more people who can see the benefits of the new SOC the better.

Lets keep things as open as possible, that's one of the major strengths of this community IMHO.

Charging a premium price for the boards with the new SOC makes sense and is pretty much the standard way of doing business in the tech industry. Some people may consider this 'scalping' but from what I can see this is simple economic necessity for Open Pandora GmbH / Ltd.
Sadly I'd love to upgrade, but I wouldn't be able to dedicate time for thorough testing.. My work schedule really sucks.
The reason we thought a hidden forum would be a good idea for now is so that these test boards don't get in the way of general Pandora operations. We don't want people thinking this is an easily available Pandora model.

They are a test run. These units won't become $500 units - they are too expensive to manufacture and sell at that price. The $699 price will probably be the retail price of these, or maybe $649. That probably won't be until much later in the year, maybe coming up to Christmas.

It needs to be clear that for now these are a custom modification to see if a) the market exists for them and b ) how well they perform and what the general customer options of them are.
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I will probably wait until Pandora2
The Pandora 2 won't be a reality for another two years at least(assuming a best case that there will be a P2). As far as i'm concerned, this is as close to a Pandora 2 as we'll get for a good long while. Seriously thinking of buying one. Hope to see pics of the new silver case first though.