I think Craig has a plan

I'm tempted to send my old CC unit in for upgrade to a Rebirth edition.  I have a few questions.

For those of us in the US, can this be fulfilled through Link so we can decrease shipping costs?

Is there a page with the shipping instructions for sending the old CC unit back?  Specifically I would like to know if we're to include or leave out our battery when we send it - cheaper and safer without it I'd think.

Now for the weird...

I would like to keep my original black base plastic piece with my first batch sticker, black stylus and my original LCD, but have everything else swapped out - yes this means that this Pandora will be black & silver.  I'm fine with that.  Is this level of customization on the upgrade possible?

Thank you.
Bump to see if answers are available.

Thank you.
Edit: Also, as odd as this may sound, it may be worth choosing alternate images to represent the Rebirth and Classic editions. Even though there is no visible difference between units, showing it from a different angle will highlight the fact that it's a different product, and make it easier to differentiate the listings at a glance.

- Neelix
That doesn't sound odd at all. It's a good idea, imo.
Show the 1ghz Pandora wearing a silly hat
Silly pictures of computers worked for Tandy.. They're still around right?

I still have my TRS-80 Color Computer 2... and a bunch of tapes, but no tape deck :p

I used to have a Color Computer 2, it was the first computer I didn't have to share with my parents. It died a while ago.. But now I only have a TRS-80 Model I(not color) and the original Color Computer that I got from a neighbor. Have the TRS-80 version of E.T.

My favorite game on the CoCo2 was Dungeons of Daggorath..
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love my trs80 color...tried to get a coco 3, but could not import one at the time, sad.

Lovely machine, hardcore ads.. no photoshop neither digital cameras...
I got this e-mail in spite of the fact that I'd already paid the upgrade fee for CC -> 1GHz for a pre-order queue. Paid the money, sent the unit, received acknowledgement and then, 6 months later, this. I would have sent a reply saying, 'thanks, but I already did this ages ago', but it was a 'noreply' address.

I wonder, if I asked for a refund would I get a CC unit, the upgrade price, or the price of a full 1GHz?  I guess I'll just have to stick around and wait, though I wonder how Craig's making money without an option for his shop on the website.
I am afraid that you allready know what you would get if you ask for refund. (hint: none of above.)