1. PokeParadox

    Software ExaGear Help?

    So, admittedly late to the party, I decided to buy ExaGear for my 1GHz Pandora. How do I get started with it? I essentially want to install steam Linux and try to run lesser demanding games if at all possible and possibly experiment with WINE but not entirely sure how to go about doing that. I...
  2. ptitSeb

    Release Vangers

    Here is Vangers, a mix between Sandbox RPG and Racing games. This game sis from 1998, and is still commercial, only the Engine is opensource. So you need the data from the full game to play it (it can be found on Steam of GoG). If you have the GoG version, the data can be automatically...
  3. ptitSeb

    Release SDL-Ball

    Here is SDL-Ball, an opensource clone of DX-Ball / Megaball This one use glshim, and the Batch mode of it to provide decent framerate. Still, with the EyesCandy on, when a lot of brick explode it can be slow. I advise to turn EyeCandies OFF on CC model (and may be also on Rebirth model). The...
  4. ptitSeb

    Release Action Doom 2

    Here is ActionDoom2, a a Total Mod for DooM. It is pretty heavy and was not working well with previous build of ZDoom (the ones with gstreamer for sound). Now it works better with the new sound code. It will probably go to the repo one day. This PND need ZDoom PND build 16 at least to work...
  5. ptitSeb

    Release The Ur-Quan Masters - HD

    Here is yet another Ur Quan Masters PND, this time it's the HD mod. The pnd is huge (more than 800 Mb), as all assests have been redone in HD (pictures, musics...). The game use glshim, and seems to works fine on all Pandora model, without the need of any swapfile. Note that this is a vanilla...
  6. ptitSeb

    Release Candy Crisis

    Here is Candy Crisis, a clone of Puyo Puyo This build is mostly untouched sources (based on latest 1.4 windows version), just compiled for Linux, using SDL2 with gl4es and fmodSDL_sound for sound and music. The sources are now on my github account:
  7. ptitSeb

    Release Postal

    Here is Postal, the action game from Running With Scissors. (screenshots are not up-to-date, gameplay is now fullscreen) This game needs data from the original game to play. You can use either the Steam data or GoG data. Just copy the "res" folder and the ini file in appdata/postal or simply...
  8. ptitSeb

    Release Cave 9

    Here is Cave 9, a 3D remake of old sf-cave game. The game use glshim, and is pretty fast (you have a steady 60fps on gigahertz). Unfortunatly, it seems to freeze/crash the 3D drivers on the CC model (but it's fast also on that model). Maybe using more later SGX driver might help. Not much...
  9. ptitSeb

    Release Dungeons of Daggorath

    Here is Dungeons of Daggorath, a port to modern system of an old RolePlaying / Adventure games that was on the TRS-80 from 1982. The game is pretty hard, and use text commands. You can find lots of info about this game here...
  10. ptitSeb

    Release uMario

    Here is uMario, a remake of Super Mario on the NES. This remake feature all level, and the level design, graphics and sound are pretty faithfull to the original! The controls are a bit different the the NES version (I may say modernised, but may not be to every one taste) History log =========...
  11. ptitSeb

    Release Brutal Doom (standalone)

    Here is Brutal Doom, a Standalone package containing the Hell of Earth Starter Pack This PND use Zandronum and contain all needed Wad to run. It use FreeDoom as a base, and add 32 specifics level just for Brutal Doom. The difficulty of thoses level is, as always with Brutal Doom, very high. You...
  12. ptitSeb

    Release CuboSphere

    Here is CuboSphere, a clone of Kula World The game use glshim and is quite fast on the Pandora, even on CC model. And here is a video of the gameplay on the Pandora by Ingoreis. It's preconfigured for Pandora (keymap and fullscreen), and it's huge, with more than 400 levels!!! History log...
  13. ptitSeb

    Release MiceAmaze

    Here is MiceAmaze, a clone of ChuChu Rocket. The game use glshim, and can be played with DPad + ABXY or Mouse (nubs/touchscreen). History log ========= Build 01 ------------- Initial build Some Pandora customization (screensize, keymap).
  14. ptitSeb

    Release SoulFu

    Here is Secret of Ultimate Legendary Fantasy Unleashed, or SoulFu. The game is pre-configured for the Pandora (so minimum details and keymap for Pandora), but everything can be configured in-game. Gigahertz model can use all details, but it's a bit slow. All the sources are inside the PND...
  15. ptitSeb

    Release Pacman

    Here is Pacman, a clone of ... Pacman. The game use SDL2 (and glshim), and not much to say. It's pretty faithfull to the original (at least visualy and on the sound side too). There are some glitches in the main menu "demo" and the game is not centered, but that doesn't alter the gameplay...
  16. ptitSeb

    Release Reaper

    Here is Reaper, a 3D futuristic flight combat simulator. The game use glshim, and is playable on Gigahertz. On CC, it seems the default graphic driver freeze when you loose. I haven't tried with other driver. The keymap as been adapted to Pandora: DPad or Left pad : direction Left Click /...
  17. ptitSeb

    Release Egoboo

    Here is Egoboo, the OpenSource 3D Dungeon Crawler This version use gl4es, and is playable with correct framerate (> 15fps) on Gigahertz. You get around 10fps on CC (removing shadow and using low res textures). The game doesn't need fast framerate so it is playable even with that low framerate...
  18. ptitSeb

    Beta Fallout

    Here is a Fallout launcher. The game use DosBOX to make it run. You can use datas from the GoG windows version or (untested) from the Steam Windows version. Of course, the original data from the DOS CD Version should work. Either put the setup_fallout.exe in appdata/fallout or the Windows or...
  19. ptitSeb

    Release RVGL - Re-Volt remake

    Here is RVGL, a cross-platform remake of Re-Volt using OpenGL, OpenAL, SDL2 and Enet. The games need data files from the PC Version of the game. Launch the PND 1 time to create the apddata folder, then copy all the folder of a regular installation to appdata/rvgl. At first launch, the script...
  20. ptitSeb

    Release The Battle for the Solar System - The Pandoran War

    Here is The Battle for the Solar System, a 2D action game with a story. The events in the game are consistent with story of Books of the same name, and with the "The Pandoran War", I had to port it on the Pandora ;) A video of the gameplay on the Pandora from Ingroreis. The game is fullspeed...