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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is uMario, a remake of Super Mario on the NES.

This remake feature all level, and the level design, graphics and sound are pretty faithfull to the original! The controls are a bit different the the NES version (I may say modernised, but may not be to every one taste)

History log

Build 01

  • Initial build
  • Some Pandora customization (fullscreen, default keymap, quit on main menu)
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Thank you ptitSeb, now I have something to play this weekend...

edit: I lied... playing right now...

edit2: I didn't like run on B, so I changed it to A, but mapping to shoulderbuttons is possible too... wow!
Gameplay is not 100% identical, so it feels a bit quirky in the beginning (not sure if it's because I have played other remake versions and have gotten used to those...)
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this is nice! Will try this tonight, also. thanks!
Very nice - finally Mario in widescreen!

Reconfiguring keys is a bit tricky, because the buttons seem to autorepeat immediately. The first time I tried to change the run key I accidentally set it to X, unconfiguring jump! It then took about ten seconds of spamming the A and X buttons and eventually it changed over.

Also, in terms of gameplay it's not completely authentic - in original NES mario jumping is a little more floaty, and you can't turn around in mid air. Perhaps this is more like SNES Mario though - I've not checked yet.
@levi I also noticed the different feel of the controls. this port is really not for me. I'd rather play the original. The controls feel off too much for my tastes. nontheless a very nice remake.
Ok, I changed a bit the description (in the 1st post) for this one.

I think the controls have a been a bit "modernised", with the ability to move while in mid-air. I understand it can be not to everyone taste (I quite prefer that way myself, but I'm not a mario fan, so that may explain).
Its on my USB Stick, so i can it put on my Pandora, when i have time..
But isnt 32 mb a bit much for a NES Game ??
Thanks for the port
Its on my USB Stick, so i can it put on my Pandora, when i have time..
But isnt 32 mb a bit much for a NES Game ??
Thanks for the port
My guess would be Sprites not ripped to 8bit png + sound and music ripped to MP3/OGG and not generated on the fly like on the NES.
Not sure not downloaded this as yet but that's my guess.
Dit some tests, and it seems to work on my CC Pandora..
One Moment Please, if the Sounds are OGG or Mp3, dos this mean i could just grapp the Mario Soundtrack whit this pnd and use it par exemple as Ringtone on my Phone??
Something i wantet whit Giana Sisters but ditnt got it to work..

Oh, really? I noticed it has slightly more vertical resolution than the original, showing two lines of bricks as the ground rather than just one, but it does show more of the level to the right and fill the screen, and nothing looks obviously off-square on my TV, although I guess that is a 16:9 display while the Pandora's is 15:9.
Yes, the game as a resolution of 800x448, that is shown as-is on the 800x480 screen (that's why there is a bit of "sky" color in the bottom of the screen). Aspect-ratio should be ok.
I haven't read through the entire thread yet. I just wanted to comment on a few things after playing through 1-1 (I lost 2 lives, both on my first jump, so things do feel very different to me).

The default controls should be desired to better fit the original controls. If you have played the original a lot this really matters, and even if you haven't it helps you to roll your thumb while running so you can jump.

I kept wondering why things were not right after I jumped on the guys. When I got to the two next to each other I tried to use the bounce you get when coming up to get the second one and WAY overshot it, so there may be a couple things wrong there. I jumped on the remaining guy and watched, and Mario bounces much higher than he should.

I will pay some more until I lose all my lives (should be quick) and I will read the rest of the thread.

Even with the problems in this version, I really appreciate it, @ptitSeb.
Hmm, that's odd. I noticed the jump was different, but found my technique for jumping on sequential goombas worked just fine; jump up to first one, then release all controls to land on the second, third etc.

Edit: Yup, that's all I did to redefine the controls; move run to A.
I died right away. Trying to play too much like what I am used to.

I really feel like run should be on X, like I have mine set, or A like @FBnil said (I didn't try it that way, the other buttons might get in the way when I roll my thumb if I ever get used to this version).

When I play again in a bit I will check the floatiness and turning around in the air to notice how those are different and how I feel about it. I am not claiming to be an expert of Mario remakes, but I have put in a lot of time on the original, and still play it today. I wouldn't be surprised if I have years of play time when it is all combined. Just imagine what I could have done if I used that time for something else.

I think @ekianjo is right about the aspect ratio. Something looked off, but at first I thought it was because I want used to the extra stuff on the right. (Seems I was wrong based on ptitSeb's reply.)
[doublepost=1460836245,1460835891][/doublepost]I have my controls set to X and B, since that is how I am used to playing. You all can try that and tell him what works best for you.

@levi I will try your technique, but it will be very weird to me. I don't like not having my thumbs on the controls, and I am frequently already pushing on our preparing for what I do next (can't remember, it I'd really odd trying to dissect how I play a game when not actually playing it, and while thinking about what I am doing while playing makes things seem off).
not sure now...
both of these key settings work for me:
X (jump) and A (run) *(I prefer this one)
X (run) and B (jump)