Why is it taking three months to get a refund?


Apr 1, 2009
I've been patiently waiting for an email explaining the reasoning why the Pandora's Google Checkout account is closed from "un-use" but mine hasn't been used since I ordered it from 23 months ago but it's still active. I even supplied my Paypal info so that I could be refunded in that manner but I have yet to receive any kind of reply besides the initial email from three months ago stating that the Google Checkout account was closed.

We're working on getting these sorted out, but seeing as google decided to close our account without any sort of notice it's proving to be rather difficult seeing as we don't have more than 12 months of documents from them, so we can't check back past that. We have emailed them, we are working on it, it will be sorted out.

We are as frustrated as you are about them doing this for no reason we're aware of, we won't use them again.
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Craig, I am one of those folks who ordered through google payments, I am NOT seeking a refund, I take it the order will be processed as normal even if you never manage to sort out your account with them?

TLDR I should still receive my Pandy?
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