Release Valyria Tear

I'm not so practice with C, but I understand how your changes works. Anyway I don't like them so much  :D

I can understand if the function is called like this

LoadFont("Arial.fon", "Arial", 15)
in all the source, but if it uses variables should be better to change them instead.

If in the weekend you still didn't found the time to look at it, maybe I'll give a look too (just as a C learning experience ;) )
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That's certainly an ugly hack I have done. But the engine is quite sofisticate. It's C++, and with many Lua binding. Do it the proper way would require to go through all the data file and change them. Problem is, data files will change constantly, because the story is far from complete. This hack, as ugly as it is, is quite effective (effective has defined by effect/lines altered).

Take a look at the source (, you'll see the proper modification require an more extensive amount of work, plus the TextSupervisor object handle size of the text bitpam dynamicaly, not using the "pixel size" information passed on the LoadFont method. So, it's ugly, but works ok.

Doing it the proper way wouldn't change the fast that some text are overlaping without even more work on the engine.

Anyway, I have renderer thoses constant as some global variable (even more ugly hack), so they can be altered in the setting files like other setting (I didn't put a menu for that, you'lll have to modify the setting.lua file).
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In the setting.lua is great for me :) Thanks

Anyway I will study the code (it will require a while XD) and report if I ever find a better solution.
Yeah, I'm looking at it, it's really readable, with many comments
New Build on the repo.

Official release note is


Build 03


  • Fixed languages selection not working for some configuration
  • In synch with sources repo

But there is a hidden feature: small font enlargement is parametrable. Being a bit advanced, I don't advertise it on main post.

Parameters are in "settings.lua" in the appdata/valyriatear/valyriatear folder

Open the file, and in the "settings.video_settings = {}" section, and before "settings.audio_settings{}" line, you can add/modifiy the small fonts parameters.

Default parameters (that may not appears by themself, even after 1st launch)


And the code to enlarge small font is now:

    //Enlarge small fonts *SEB*
    if (size<fonts_smallest)
    else if (size<fonts_small)

So, for smaller enlarged smallest font (?!!), use this (for example):

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@ptitSeb: all good here :)

Does the new build have more game beyond Harlequin?
Yes, but you have to start from the beginning

I gotta go thru the hell of sneaking past those goddam guards again??

So is this now THE WHOLE GAME...or am I gonna get ripped off again, having to wait for anotgher update, and then start FROM THE BEGINNING AGAIN
@Kumaki: LOL !! I was just trolling XD

I don't know if the story goes on, anyway I continued with my previous saved game without problems

I gotta go thru the hell of sneaking past those goddam guards again??

So is this now THE WHOLE GAME...or am I gonna get ripped off again, having to wait for anotgher update, and then start FROM THE BEGINNING AGAIN
PowerGod was playing a joke.  The game does not yet have any additional content; it still ends at the cemetery.  The save games do work, but the last save game is before Harlequin so when the author does continue the story I'm assuming you'll have to beat him again.

Source: just reloaded my save game and beat Harlequin and got the "to be continued" notice again.
Hi there, :)

I couldn't resist adding a few things there. ;)

Fonts size problems: Just in case it could be useful, please note that there is also the 'dat/config/fonts.lua' file where you can change parameters simply:

fonts = {
    -- Text style internal name = { "font file path", font size }
-- note that you change the font size here, or even change a problematic font easily.
    ["title20"] = {font = "img/fonts/LinLibertine_aBS.ttf", size = 18},
    ["title22"] = {font = "img/fonts/LinLibertine_aBS.ttf", size = 20},
    ["title24"] = {font = "img/fonts/LinLibertine_aBS.ttf", size = 22},
About the soldiers: Sorry to hear you almost ragequit for a few soldiers, Kumaki, but don't worry, you'll take your revenge on them a bit later... ;)

About the content making: The second actual dungeon is in the making atm, and I'll release the Episode I version once it'll be all scripted and tested. For now, it still mainly exists on paper only, but believe me, it was quite some work already... No ETA as I'm no studio or anything like that, unfortunately.

EDIT: About the savegame compatibility: The save game will always remain compatible (or the most possible) between one version and the former. I've set it up as a rule in my changes so don't worry too much about the savegame compatibility. When the next version will be out, you'll be able to start from the latest save point.

Best regards,
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Ooh, this is exciting!

ptitSeb, is your hack still the recommended way to tweak font sizes, or would we be better of overriding this fonts.lua file?
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