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To be fair to all, he was mainly confining his wall of text stuff to the caring corner, which doesn't get an awful lot of use outside of this so that seems fair enough to me. When he starts spouting in other threads though, I'm less willing to defend him.
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I decided to celebrate the anniversary of the progenitor's culmination - of the writhing and discharging forth of blood, ichor and a gurgling, palpatating mound of flesh - by installing FreeBSD.

(edit: on that day I enjoyed both the liberating minimalism of FreeBSD, and the beautifully grotesque language of Lovecraft)
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I shouldn’t use the true wireless headphones for bevor sleep music listening: it’s not that easy to gather them together on next morning as they are tiny..
better to use the other headphones whit the bar as they are much bigger so much more easy to find ..
I'm learning that being a good partner is less about challenging them if they are wrong, and more about supporting them when they fail.
And when your partner talks to you about their problems, you don't always have to look for/offer a solution. Sometimes, all they're looking for is some support and understanding.
It's something that many men get wrong, because we're taught that we need to act and solve problems while compassion and listening is expected from/taught to girls.
I don't think they were thinking of an acronym when they came up with 'deb' for debian packages, but if it helps you understand it, go for it. A little how in modern linux, /usr doesn't contain your home directories, so someone came up with a backtronym for 'UNIX System Resources' which kind of helps to explain it, but in fact back in the day, your home directories did used to be in /usr, but it was decided probably to keep system bins and libs separate from user data and move home directories out to a new /home root folder. That left /usr holding things that weren't really user data, so the backtronym was formed to help explain it.
The airpods are an apple product right? I lose track these days, but I think that's right, and so I'm somewhat surprised that apple products behave appropriately when talked to using standard protocols.