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I'm forgetting what the Pyra looks like, so had Dalle-mini draw me a couple ( )


did you reall write "Pyra", or did you write, say "clam-shell portable gaming handheld with keyboard and nubs with ARM processor thas is delayed 2 months"
The first one, I wrote "pyra handheld", and the second one I wrote "Pyra clam-shell handheld with full keyboard". Clearly that AI needs training from these forums, as I'm sure it would have a better idea of what a keyboard looks like... probably.
Why is it "make a bee-line" to go straight in the direction of somewhere. If you've ever watched one, bees never make a "bee-line" anywhere.
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We've decided to redefine the meaning of BC. Now 0BC is 2019. Before COVID.
Nah, I'm working. Stuff needs getting done before the convention in Southampton.
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Did i betray the Pyra Projekt? My Plan was first to have the Pyra my Emulation Handheld and my home work PC, its great for small tasks and even Dreamcast Emulation, but then i bought me a Steamdeck, which thanks to Emudeck was nice for the Stuff the Pyra cant (PSP PS2 Gamecube), i had the Plan to still use this thing only for the Stuff the Pyra cant, so mostly 3D Emulators.
then the Analogue Pocket came where i ditnt know upfront its thanks to FPGA works much better than a Emulator Handheld for all the stuff up to SNES, and the Ipad should now be my Workstation for all sorts of things..

I have my Pyra still in pocket and its meant to be a Mobile Notebook and for Mobile Gaming where i cant bring my Steamdeck or other Handhelds, but i dont even made the last update (maybe it was not that worse as its would screw the SD Card Mounting Software..)
I thought I would use Chat0GPT to "assist" me studying Japanese. Not bad, although it can be irritating that it keeps mixing up who is the "Game Master" (it), the "player" (me), and other NPC. After telling it that neither I, or it was actually the "dwarf" that was encountered (initially in a modern high-rise hotel restaurant, until I reminded it was supposed to be a Tolkein-esque setting), it finally settled inexplicably on giving the name "Groin" to the dwarf...

グロイン: "始めまして、ヒロシさん。気にしなくてもいいさ、記憶が戻るさ。冒険は確かに面白いよ。一緒に何かを探索したり戦ったりしようじゃないか!"
GM: グロインはあなたとの冒険に興味津々のようです。どのように返答しますか?
[GM: Groin: "Nice to meet you, Hiroshi. Don't worry too much about your memory, it will come back. Adventure can be quite thrilling. Shall we explore and fight together?"
GM: Groin seems quite interested in embarking on an adventure with you. How will you respond?]

I kind of felt it appropriate to stop the "adventure" at this point.