No no no this is not right.

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Didn't intend to re-puncture the seal on these Kanned Wurmz. There really is no shelf life on them :(

We need to move on and not dwell upon the past; my point was Craig makes socially irresponsible mistakes occasionally but he has never; ever been an idiot and there is almost always a reason for what he does.

I agree. Some of his moves take cojones and are fun to watch how they pan out. He's one big step away from true mastery though, and that's resisting the urge to let people know that he's being cunning. It tends to piss people off who get it. :p

Edit Or who don't get it. Well it just tends to piss people off. :lol:

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The drama we've had on the gp32x boards when the project was still in its infancy really puts matters into perspective, doesn't it.

Let's not further dig up the daemons of the past, I have no fond memories of them. We should focus on improving all that we have already achieved together, this bickering is not productive. What's done is done, let's press onwards instead.
Thinking about it after having other things to do for 2 hours, this still is absolutly strange to my mind. I simply cannot get sense out of this.

Some are saying: "Don't take it that serious". But this IS serious. These forums are the heartbeat of the pandora community. Without community there is no pandora. It IS important what happens here, it's important for the entire project.

The main reason I visit these boards are the general matureness, good style and serious topics discussed(I mean, nothing like "Justin Biber has a new girlfriend"). There are a few who damaged this picture for me. SONY is definetly one of them(99 posts a day!!! I don't want to be seen with people spending that much time in a forum), but well, he is just one of many. Every forum has such ghosts, they aren't preventable.

But: he is made mod. The single fact that there are 4 threads here about that topic shows that something is wrong about that. Mods should be mature and should stay invisible as such. WE made suggestions who we want to see as mods and we were pretty united who WE want to see. The fact that Craig chooses someone else is just an insult. To me. To the whole community thing. We elect a government, someone else gets leader. This is an offence to my democratic grown mind.

It doesn't matter to me how he behaves now. I KNOW how he acted before and I feel disgusted that someone like that can rule me now. There are people who proved great matureness and selfdicipline over years in this community. They deserve the honour to lead us. Not someone who trolled around for years. He has already had his 2nd and 3rd chance.

End effect: Craig doesn't care about peoples opinions, I know that. I feel extremly pissed off by this whole thing. And because arguments don't matter to mister "don't take it serious" I am going to sell my pandora tomorrow. It's going to be one premium sold less, hope that that is an argument that gets notification. Thats all I can throw in. This was a nice project to follow over the last years, but just the thought about the things going on here makes me wish to vomit. I have enough of you games, Craig!

Goodbye everyone.

If it's just Craig that you have a problem with, that's no reason to leave. Come on over to GP32X, the original Pandora community and Craig-free since August 29, 2010 (check the "last active" date here).

I don't like everything that Craig does, but once you have your Pandora, you don't have to do things his way.

As for SONY, eh, I don't mind. He has been immature in the past but not malicious I think. But then again, I don't really care because this isn't the forum I spend the most time at.

EDIT: If you want the Machiavellian conspiracy-theory explanation... Craig may have picked SONY for the same reason that Putin picked Medvedev; he had little of a support base on his own, so would be unlikely to challenge the guy who promoted him. Not saying that's the case but hey, it's possible.

Bottom line, Craig will continue being the same person and occassionally will push away valuable people, so I don't know why people are still being surprised and cancelling orders. I'll start getting seriously worried about the Pandora's future on the day that Craig tries that with ED, not before that.

my point was Craig makes socially irresponsible mistakes occasionally but he has never; ever been an idiot and there is almost always a reason for what he does.
Of course there is. But you can also say that about... you know, that historical figure that Craig mentions so often. ;) Whether something is a "mistake" depends on who stands to gain. You can't just assume that a decision that you don't like was a "mistake", you have to be prepared to believe that maybe it wasn't meant for your benefit.
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Speaking of moderators, what happened to Gruso? He hasn't been here since April...
Speaking of moderators, what happened to Gruso? He hasn't been here since April...

Yep, I also messaged him personally quite a few times - no response.

I don't want people to be worried, but if someone knows him personally or lives next door, I would be happy for any information.
Maybe he got trapped in the Grid. Quick guys, start inquiring about any experimental computer projects.
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