Hope And Pray With Me!


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Mar 4, 2003
Well... don't know how to find the right words...
Me colleague at work (with whom I created my own company), he's also my best friend, got cancer last year.

After a few operations and some struggle, we (and all the doctors) finally thought it's gone and we all were happy...

This Sunday, he coughed some blood and now it looks worse than ever.
But we still have the hope, he can get rid of the cancer with hope and god's help.

If he dies, I lose my best friend, can close down the company... well, everything I worked for in the last years together with him would go pooof.

I'm sure when there are more prayers and more hope wishes for him, his chances he'll win the fight are much higher - after all, there ARE some people who were declared hopeless by the doctors and still managed to survive!

I beg you for your prayers and hopes.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support.
My brother died back in January 2000 through leukeamia. In fact that wasnt the thing that killed him (that had gone by then) but it was one of those hospital bourne illnesses you read about. (like MRSA).

So it was literally like one day sitting in front of the PS playing Tony Hawks and then two days later he wasnt here any more.

I hope your friend makes it. But just mentally prepare yourself if it doesnt work out.

Prayers do help though :)
I`m not going to say that I'll pray for him, because that would be a lie and everyone would know it. But I sincerely hope it all works out for the best.

So you have my best wishes.
Best wishes to him and you - hope he gets better with much alacrity and doesn't have it again. Terrible disease, cancer :(...
My dad died from liver cancer, it was a horrible time. He was diagnosed as having 3 weeks to 3 months left, and died within 3 days.

I hope your friend can get through it, I also have a close friend who got throat cancer 3 years ago, the cancer was succesfully removed and with regular check ups, he has been absolutely fine.

On another note, I've never been religious but the death of my dad, 6 years (god! is it that long?) ago, has made me think about religion and the afterlife a LOT ever since. I shall pray with you that your friend recovers.
EvilDragon posted on Jul 20 2004 at 04:06 AM said:
I beg you for your prayers

Done. I wish all the best for your friend. My grandmother is going through chemotherapy for her cancer, and she seems to be doing pretty well so far.
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Why don't you people just swallow your pride and pray anyway? It might make a difference even if you don't believe it.

He's in my prayers evildragon.
hmmmm...i'll pray for him...

there are QUITE a few christians here...more that i thought...maybe its time for another poll.... ;) we have had QUITE a few more members since that last one... B)

(i'm a christian...)