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Oh man, you know, the people who do my finances absolutely swore to me that I could finally order Pyra the week after Christmas, but I might put it off. I'm having a bit of a health scare, something much worse than gall stones. Can't breathe well while lying down, and can't lie down for more than an hour at a time because of it. I'll set up an appointment with my doctor as soon as I can.
Well, I managed to get an appointment for later today. Hopefully this is either just me being fat or congested, because googling "orthopnea" brings up some pretty scary underlying causes.

Yeah, I know googling symptoms before talking to the doctor is bad form. I can't be the only one who's ever done it though.
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What a thrilling evening I've been having so far.

First, all of the trains were cancelled for my commute home.
In the replacement mini-bus that was organised, on the way, someone's heavy suitcase fell from the overhead compartment directly on to my head.
Thankfully my brain seems to be still in one piece, so... I decided to update my grub config - I prefer to see those boot messages.
What could possibly go wrong.
"grub rescue>"

Well, I did get it resolved, and I think I should probably go to bed early before any more misfortunes befall me.

At least tomorrow is Friday :)
Does that imply any attempts of software tinkering are a result of serious head damage?
Oh, they still haven't gotten me a sleep study scheduled yet, as far as I know.

That said, I lost some weight, and the breathing has been better, so maybe I was just too fat for a while.
Inb4: After months of waiting time, countless test and horrendous costs the doctor goes "yea yea youre just fat".
I just crashed my Pandora :(
My plan was to change the Backcover to the Black one, because it’s Platin One got a crack, but then one of the Screws fell of my Table and when I sit down to get it back, I came on the Toolbox and it fell also from the table whit the Opened Pandora..

this coil on top of the PCB was a bit wonky then and I had to reassemble the LED Lightpipes, and put the PCB back in the Case,
But the Switch for the Right Shoulderbutton is now a bit loose, so I only have the left Shoulderbutton left..

Fortunately the Display Cable was still in the PCB and when I ree assembly the Pandora and powerd it on, it’s works, but only whit one Shoulderbutton.. :(

One reason more for the Pyra
Looks like I'm finally getting out of of the rut I've been in.

What I've done in the past few ages of man:
Watch YouTube videos
Play the occasional videogame

What I've done in the past couple of days:
Changed my web browser
Tried out several operating systems
Messed about with a shell account
Connected to a few BBSes via telnet
Pre spring cleaning
I seem to have kept up the momentum because in the interim I've also changed the file manager that I'm using, installed some ftp software and installed the Cairo desktop environment on my main PC. I've also installed the antiX Linux distro on my other PC.

Update: I just logged into my shell account and it's been validated which gives me access to a few extra features. Details
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Just wanted to say that I wish everyone the best possible resolution to their current situation, and that some semblance of stability could surface as soon as possible in these most trialling of times. Take care of yourselves and try to spare some time and thoughts for your neighbours and those in need.

We may need to self isolate, but we won't make it through just on our own.
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