Taking Pre-Orders For Gph Caanoo

Ok inventory is done I have 2 White Caanoo + WiFi + Game Packs left and 4 Silicon protective gloves and I'm sold out. I will start pre-orders for the next batch of Caanoo's and accessories once the two white Caanoo's sell out.
The estimated date of shipping to me is the 3rd week to 4th week of September. So if you didn't get your Caanoo in the first batch best to order ASAP for the second batch.

That is also the time they will ship the TV-Out cables too me so if you ordered one I do apologize for the wait but I had no clue there was a delay!!!

I will be taking pre-orders from today till 09/15/2010 for the second batch and will also order 25 extra once again hopefully I won't sell out so quickly this time...
how can you have silicone protective gloves when play asia say the release date for thease are september it went from august 31st to sept 2010 so how can you have thease now if this is so play asia are not telling the truth.?
I have no clue I got the gloves with my shipment I got 5 total here is a pic for proof of my sons Caanoo. Maybe they sold out when Play-Asia made there order no clue either way...

Silicon Case Pic One

Silicon Case Pic Two

I will find out from Tony tonight if I can order more now or not of the silicon case there is a delay on the TV-Out cable....
I got asked a great question on Dingoonity.org if you ordered a TV-Out cable and have to wait will I charge shipping when I ship it. The answer is no why would I charge you again something you already paid for just because I didn't have it in stock yet is not my fault or yours so why would I make you pay extra shipping or even request it ;)
Got one Caanoo left then I will re-open pre-orders for the second batch due to ship to me 3rd week of September. It's a white caanoo with wifi + games pack. So if you got an itch for a Caanoo here it is go grab it. Once it sales the pre-orders will be re-open till September 16th, 2010 I will then close it.
DingooDigitalUSA said:
No prob glad you got it so quick hope your happy

wanted to say thanks as well, mine arrived yesterday in the mail. packing was great, will definitely do more business with you in the future. btw - do you still have any of those protective gloves in stock?
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Round two ding ding round two taking pre-orders for the second batch of Caanoo's the date for shipment to me from GPH is slated around the third week of September 2010.

So if you want a Caanoo make your pre-order no later then September 15th, 2010 to guarantee you will get one of them as the last batch pretty much sold out in 45 minutes after posting it to the website.

Once I receive the packages I will ship them just as last time about 24 hours after I receive them....

I do have one game pack I would be willing to part with for $20.00 shipping included if so pm me and we can make PayPal arrangements.