Steam Deck (using SteamOS) handheld by Valve

Until then:
- Emulation up to Dreamcast works like a charm, i dont have more games, so Gamecube, Wii, Switch arend possible for me at least..
- I got the Games from GOG to Run under Steam, at least they who are Linux Based, maybe i try to get the Windows Stuff on Weekend
- the Valve Games (Half Live Portal, etc ) and even Garrys Mod run whitouth issues

- BeamNGDrive is running perfektly, but i ditnt had much time to test as it was late..
- My Summer Car needs maybe a Mouse and Keyboard, but would run
- Euro Truck Simulator 2 runs perfektly,

All of the Steam Car Games are quite nice whit the analogue Shoulderbutton as Trottle

I couldnd test Snowrunner as it was still downloading..
I try Snowrunner yesterday evening and this morning, works great, finally this game Mobile whit Mods and working Mirrors,
I have our Unimog now as Scout and the OP Truck from the Main Game much more OP.. I think I will Play the Game over the Weekend.. and test it in Garden..
I also bought Black Mesa, the Fan Remake from Half Life, but it’s still Downloading..

GTA4 Complete runs also, and GTA5 should, but I ditnt bought this Game yet (and it’s 100 gb )

I’m currently download Brutal Legend from GOG, as it’s a Linux version

Ditnt try Windows Games yet, but I don’t think I would ever find the time to play them..
Had some issues whit Emulationstation : it ditnt found the PSX Bios , but after changing the Standart Emulator to PCSXRearmed it’s now working..
Dit I report that I allready made a Outdoor Gaming Session yesterday:“? Worked good but my 27000 mah Powerbank is not powerful enough, it’s USB2 or 3, but the Steamdeck lost some %

The Display was vissible in Sunlight , but maybe a bit darker then inside ..

Would work, but maybe I need a new Powerbank whit enough watts ..

I just got Doom 3 BFG to work, I ditnt notice that the „add to Steam Button“ is on the next side of the Heroic Launcher..

Simulator Games are awesome on this thing , expecialy whit the Analog Shoulderbuttons, and you have the whole PC experience whit Mods, good graphics (Mirrors) and some Internet Features like real Internet Radio in ETS2

What not that good is the Controlls and Downloads on Desktop Mode..

But it’s got real Suspense Mode, you can pause in every Game, and I think also Emulator if you have to leave.. and come back later..

Played a lot Snowrunner yesterday..
I will add some PSP Games at least, i wonder how good they work whit the EmuDeck Stuff, i wrote that its ditnt need a BIOS, so lets test this today when im at home ^^

Hopefully they will come to Emulations Station, so i only need to open one Emulator Front End.. ..

I wonder how many power this system will need..
I forgot to Connect my Airpods Pro 2 to the Steamdeck, but as they allready work on Pyra, i think they will not make any issues..

Put my PSP Library on the Steamdeck and it dit run whitouth any issues, ^^
My first attempt to Emulate Gamecube was also quite succesfull, only 2 Games where i had to reecopy as maybe there was an Issue whit the USB Stick as somehow, the SD Card ditnt wantet to get Mount in the Phytium PC, and had then some issue Mounting on Steamdeck until i shut down the whole system and startet the whole Steamdeck new..
So i had to use the USB Stick: From Phytium to USB Stick via USB3 HUB, was quite Slow, and from USB Stick to Steamdeck over USB3 on USBC Hub was much faster..
Finally the Gamecube Zelda Games in Mobile, as i dont think Nintendo will make Switch Ports..
Dolphin had some slowdowns in Wind Waker and Smash Bros Brawl, but no big issue for me, im impressed that Gamecube runs at all ^^
Also i want have so many Gamecube Games on the Steamdeck as i have PSP Titles, they are much too big

This Thing is quite impressive as a Emulations Handheld..
So, Batocera seems like something missing on the Pandora !! :confused: It could also run from SD and there are already compiled versions for a lot of little devices
So as my last System, I only have 50 gb left on the Micro SD Card is PS2 running, I’m still impressed, allthought the Controller Config is a bit strange as I ditnt found a button to get Savestates or the whole Menue, but it’s works^^
So, Batocera seems like something missing on the Pandora !! :confused: It could also run from SD and there are already compiled versions for a lot of little devices

Probably nobody left interested in taking on a Pandora project like this. I think Raspberry Pi 2 is similar to the Pandora.

Batocera v31 is the last build to support this device. Performance up to 4th gen.

Batocera will not improve the Pandora hardware and a lot of systems until 4th gen are already supported very well on the Pandora :) That said, Batocera does have a ton of cores. Looks similar to retroarch that started out promising on the Pandora, but I never got better performance or more system working than using the standard and optimized emulators.
It’s a bit sad that the weather is quite awefull today, I wonder how vissible the PS2 Games are outside, and how long the Batterie would last for this Emulator..

This thing seems to be the ultimative Uberhandheld , in therms of Emulation,
You can run the Gameboy Tetris as well as the GameCube Zelda’s,
From Atari VCS till PS2 in my Case..

And whit the Genesis Collection you can play Genesis Games on the PSP Emulator
Strangly after i took out the SD Card to put some Gamecube Games on the Steamdeck, the Steam ditnt know anymore that Snowrunner and ETS2 where allready installed there, so its redownloaded them to the Internal SSD, .. , so i deletet the Games from the SD Card and got at least lot more Space left for PS2 and Gamecube Games..
Even God of War works, allthough the first Game was only in English, as i cant change the Language in PCSX2.. but in God of War 2 there is a Language Changing Option in the Game....
In the Gamecube and the PS2 Emulator, i ditnt found a way to reach the Menue for Savestates from the running Game.. maybe they dont have this?

On the PC Part, i bought the Farming Simulator 22 yesterday, as i wantet to have some Unimog Mods, which ditnt work on the XBOX Version.. cost me quite some time to figure out where to put the Mod zipp files, until i found out that the belong to the DLC Folder..,
I have now the U401/411 (the Old Boxy Chaped one 32 hp), the U400 (this new one whit the Cabin who looks like from these Ski Ramp Preparation things 500 hp), and a quite cool U425,.. and an MB Trak, ..
i think i plan to have a only Unimog Farm..
Some Mods arend possible because there is a lack on Controlls, you can Map some stuff on a Virtual Menue, but i ditnt had the Time to make this..
At least these Unimogs work whit the Standart Controlls, not like on the Farming Simulator 2011, where some of the Cooler Unimogs had the Engine Start Button on the Numpad...

I plan some Videos where i show some Gameplay, maybe one whit PC and another whit Emulation Stuff.. but i dont know when..
According to Valve, Steamdecks are now available whitouth long waiting and que, and the Dock is ready for Order (but you can also use a normal USB C Hub and its also works, and its also supportet from Valve),

I found a Solution for Garden Gameplay: Balkony, and a Cable Roll, this way i dont have to by a 40 Watt Powerbank, and maybe its stays in my WLAN, i have to thest this, maybe Sunday..
Had my Steam Deck for a few months now and like most I've been more than happy with the device. It's an emulation powerhouse and gives staggering performance in AAA PC games for a £349 handheld system. SteamOS is pretty slick and seeing lots of updates & tangible improvements but the thing I love the most is how open the device is to the end user.

Just thought I'd give a heads up to anyone thinking of jumping on board now that the Steam Deck is available 'off the shelf' and wondering which model to go for.

The eMMC to NVMe SSD upgrade is incredibly easy, it took less than 15 minutes to install a £40 512GB SSD in my 64GB model. If you feel you're capable of upgrading the processor on your PC then you're more than capable of doing it yourself. Just remember to remove your Micro SD card before removing the back. I used this guide for the upgrade process.
I have now also GTA5 running on this thing, the 107 gb where quite anoying to download, but its awesome..
I mean ok, whe had GTA5 allready running on a GPD WIN, but on the Steamdeck, i have about 6 Hours Batterie Time whit this Game,
And for me its much more fun on the Handheld then on the XBOX, as i finally see lot more from the GUI and everything.. you could even use Mods, but i ditnt make this as the Game itself is quite big..

I also Reordered the Big Powerbank, as i found it quite Lame on the Balkonie, there is no Sunshine on this part of the Garden, so i will move back to my Dschungel Garden Part ^^

I think this evening i will continue whit Beam NG Drive, and i plan some My Summer Car on Weekend, but this have to get to the Desktop as you need Keyboard and Mouse as its a bit more complicated than a GTA or Euro Truck Simulator..
You can see more GUI on the steamdeck than you could playing it on your xbox (series x?)? If you mean the overlay that shows your things like score and what gun you've selected, that's odd as I'd expect all that to be present and correct on xbox as well as on the PC port which you're playing on the steamdeck. If it's on the start game menu and things then that's also odd, although it will likely be simplified for a console port. I actually don't know what system GTA5 was developed on, I know the first two GTA games were PC first then ported to playstation, and I think 3 was as well but after that point I first knew about them on console.
Maybe GUI was not the Right Term, maybe the whole envroiment, i prefer to have these Car Driving Games much more near to my eyes,
thats also the reason why i have a long HDMI Cable from the XBOX to the Desktop so i could play Farming Simulator ..