Valve launching Steam Deck - SteamOS Handheld Console


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Dec 25, 2005
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I wasn't sarcastic, GG was the thing !! Great grab, I could have used it for hours without feeling my hands tired or hurting, them felt almost in their natural position there, bestest display colors for a portable device of the time... it was just draining batteries like a pro !! The TV tuner added that something more that took it apart from "just games".

Atary Lynx was too thin for my taste (like 90% of all the devices around now)... even with the Pandora is difficult to play for too much time without feeling something wrong in the hands, like with most of the small gamepads around... so finally there's something around with BIG laterals grabbing, that is not only a console and has a great display.
Well, I was a SEGA Fanboy back then and had a Master System but I never ever had a Game Gear in my hands, and I didn't even knew anyone with such a device (they all had Gameboys back then). But I know that the GG was basicly a portable Master System, there were even Adapter cards where you could play MS Games on the GG or vice versa. ^^
BUT, I had a friend who borrowed me his Atari Lynx so this Brick was the first thing that came into my mind when I've seen the Steam Deck (and comparable Devices). I remember long "California Games" sessions with the Lynx, at least as long the batteries last...which was actually not very long when I think about it now. xD

Lynx too thin... now I've heard everything!
True! :D At least the first version was a monster!

I didn't know it could have been rotated, that's a pretty neat feature for the time.
Still a very unique feature for a Handheld. ^^