Some News Of Things To Come...

The MK2 stick is not more precise, and its dead-zone is the same. It is the old stick rotated.

If you've never used one, how would you know? And rotating the stick is exactly what made it more precise, so that the diagonal bias is now correct.

The XGP's control scheme is under consideration for change to a D-Pad.

So the GP2X's control is not good enough, however a device which may or may not have an analogue stick, you know will definitely be okay? Oh my... Your arguments rather fall apart under scrutiny, don't they?

edit: this is not to insult the XGP; if it's ever released, it may wind up a fine machine.
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take a look at the specs you have posted.
the psx is more simple than snes (but albeit more powerfull)
the snes is complicated because of the specialty nature of its chips

sony pretty much slaughtered the indigo sgi workstation (wich also runs a posix os, irix) to make the psx

and whats this bs that the SFX chip wouldnt be included when you claim that psx would only have fullspeed for "a handfull of games" please elaborate why snes can emulate everything but the SFX-chip

you claim that NKs emu is slow but it supports transparency and when i compare the 2 emus NK,s snes emu is more "complete" compability wise

it seems that you prefer accurate emulation but in the case of snes we can just throw away bits we dont "need"

you have a great understanding of what specs can do to a emu but you think of specs as emulatable on pc parts with a pc type of os

if we simplify the strong points of each machine

psx chews and processes 2d data like a Mf
snes chews and processes 2d data like a Mf
I'm pretty confident that fullspeed psx is possible on GP2X. Comparing spec of various system to see which one can be emulated just don't work.
And even if it's not possible to emulate PSX, it's fun to do, and I'm sure that's why most coders do it.

Zodttd, Unai, Chui and Tinnus, keep up the good work ;)
zodttd said:
It gets a bit fustrating though. I get done explaining how great the GP2X community is to someone who I would like to consider the GP2X as a platform to use for his project, and then have to explain what DaveC is saying.
I'm very sorry to read this. So posts from one person can have such a bad influence? :(
Perhaps we need a new rule in this forum:

"Respect the developer!"

So three very skillfull emulator programmers with references in this thread made clear:

1.PSX Emulation is possible.
2.We do what we want to do.
3.It's fun for us.
4.Other platforms may profit from our code.

So, please shut up and let them do what they want. Pong? Cray? SNES? PSX? XBOX360? Dosen't matter...
Especially to the people, who never emulated anything: Who are you? Telling those experts what to do in their free time? Telling what is possible and what not, but have no clue?

Stop that now!
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That's the point I was trying to get across a few pages back. There is nothing wrong with criticism... but not when a developer says something, with confidence like
"We can do fullspeed PSX emulation "
"WHUPAH! no you can't"

And then to continue saying it is impossible... this whole thread has just boggled my mind.

Anyway I agree with the aboce post... can we stop all this crap now.
PS: "Respect the developer!" isn't something new... I thought that was something rather fundemental... oh well.
PokeParadox said:
PS: "Respect the developer!" isn't something new... I thought that was something rather fundemental... oh well.
Exact. I thought the same until yesterday...
Slapping the hand who feeds you is an idiotic behaviour, imho...
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That's the point I was trying to get across a few pages back. There is nothing wrong with criticism... but not when a developer says something, with confidence like
"We can do fullspeed PSX emulation "
"WHUPAH! no you can't"

And then to continue saying it is impossible... this whole thread has just boggled my mind.

Anyway I agree with the aboce post... can we stop all this crap now.
PS: "Respect the developer!" isn't something new... I thought that was something rather fundemental... oh well.

maybe we could add a little bit respect to our hardware. :D
today cell-phone processors realize high quality 3d-games and we have got actually a multimedia-cpu of a dvd-player! wow! what will be possible?? :D

thanks zodttd, thanks the psx4all-team

will it be a contest between psx4all and the new projekt, or is this new projekt a part of psx4all?
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To All PSX Emu Devs:

Screw all the bitchers and moaners. Good luck and have tons of fun!

As a fellow programmer (PC/Xbox/360 games), I'm with you, challenge is what makes us tick. If you need any help, feel free to contact me. I'm a newbie in portable development though :)

I'm thinking of making a native Wipeout XL clone for the GP2X. Haven't decided yet :)
Look at me... I'm fullspeed ! :lol:

Talking about things that can be made or not is a waste of coding time... Get back to work ;)

Seriously, following the evolution of an emu is great and trying all those beta and proof of concept is filling me with joy. But I can understand that some became frustrated with it.
There is a poiunt where most of us, simple users, just have to say "yes okay, great" to all your technical arguing. And I don't mean that's not interesting.
Emulation on Gp2x will evolve, it's a fact. It will evolve more or less, I admit. But that's emulation, right ?
Try to beat your Pacman hi-score while those talented coders are working... That's what i'm doing and feel happy with that.

To all coders: I thank you all for the hard work that has been made for the Gp2X. Because of you this handled IS now a gaming system.
after reading this lot i am now at the conclusion that we are going to get full speed PSX emulation :) (hopefully within clocking speed that most gp2x's can handle)

i thought that it wouldn't be possible but now my opinion has changed.

awesome thanks guys :)

yah keep up with the hard work and goodluck!
I've followed this whole thread, and at the most basic level, the discussion's been pretty civil for an internet forum. A few heated moments, but it's par for the course.

But, realize it is an internet forum, and you can't as easily read the tone of someone's post - even if something sounds insulting, someone was probably just trying to make a point and getting frustrated if they didn't think other people understood.

Anyway, developers are doing this stuff for fun or to get experience, and even if "full speed" playstation emulation isn't fully feasible, so what? At the worst, we'll be left with a pretty good indication of what is possible, and there'll be fun for the developers and users. The developers will move on to some other project, gp2x or not, and probably do even better at the next project.

I guess what I'm getting at, is cut people a little more slack and less time will be spent arguing, and more time playing/developing :)
No need to worry about who respects what, at least for me.

I just don't understand why someone would label me almost as if I'm a liar, and than support it by supposed facts that are merely assumtions.

DaveC: Do you understand what evol explained to you? The SNES is considered one of the most complex console emulators to write. This is not to say the PSX is easy by any standard, it's on the top of that list as well.
*** Do you know what the difference between a 3 and 33MHz CPU is DaveC? ***

I really would like to know what you think is behind these magical numbers you throw around. In the world of emulators, the specified clockspeed of the emulated system determines how quickly I must run through each operation. Want to know something weird? You don't have to follow that magical 33MHz number if you write an emulator purely written to play games and not give "accurate emulation". Hence the term underclocking came about.

So the SNES has a 3MHz CPU and the PSX has a 33MHz CPU?
That ONLY TELLS ME that if BOTH platforms has the SAME CPU that the PSX would be much harder to emulate. And this still IS NOT THE ANSWER I ASKED FOR.
*** What makes MIPS32 R3000A processor clocked at 33MHz impossible to run on a 266MHz ARM920T? ***

What I believe evol was also trying to get through to you was that if the SNES has a processor designed specifically for Nintendo, where as the PSX has a generic MIPS32 R3000A processor, which will be easier to EMULATE? Most likely the PSX processor will be easier to emulate due to the familiarity of the processor among emulator writers, and the documentation available for them to go by to provide accurate and easier obtainable information. Since Nintendo will have obscured and closed access to any information about the details of their processor, you will land up with guesswork to emulate that processor. And that guesswork usually leads to strange workarounds and in turn slower code. Slower than the PSX?...

I feel more comfortable handling emulation of the PSX's 32bit processor and it's instruction set on the 32bit GP2X. The SNES is a 16bit processor from what I'm aware of. I wouldn't be suprised if the instruction set is quite different than that of GP2X's 32bit ARM instruction set.

Oh, and the MIPS instruction set that the PSX is based on is one of the most simplistic processors to emulate. It is usually a stepping stone for writing emulators. Just look at how easy it is to write a disassembler for MIPS "bytecode".

*** DaveC: You noted how 33MHz is a higher number than 3MHz. What makes the PSX and its 33MHz processor impossible to emulate to your satisfactory on the GP2X, whereas the 3MHz processor of the SNES is a viable emulator? ***
craig: You know you made it when Epicenter writes an article featuring you.

epitaph: It would be fun. Lets see what the 20th century digital boy writes.

Orkie: Thanks for the link, as a private SVN would be great.

Moz: :)

Fury: Did you ever get the reply to your PM? If not, please PM me. :)

Mudi: Thanks for the offer. I'll get a PM to you if I can take it up.

Hmm, this reply seems to need one more thing...Oh yeah...

Epicenter: Since you're reading this, might as well let us all know why it matters what hardware specific routines such as that a blitter requires in a handheld such as the GP2X? If I read correctly, you want Stargazer to be cross-platform. The two statements don't make sense unless you have some sort of graphics library written to handle that layer. That doesn't seem to be the case, since if you wrote such a library, you would not only have accomplished something extremely useful to many handheld communities out there, you would not be complaining about sprite handling. My suggestion to you is to use the PocketPC and buy a GapiDraw license. Since most handhelds have no concept of hardware sprites, you will have a really hard time making sense in other forums.
having read this from the start, i'll say two things..

1. you guys take the GP2x WAAYYY too seriously. :) psx is the holy grail of handheld emulation perhaps, but not of life :)

2. i like the way programmers think. it's thinking like tinnus and unai's that gets stuff done. in any field people say "right that's it, show's over, no more can be done" and then, for example, Virgin Galactic gets tons of preorders, nanotech starts getting crazy. it's all too easy to say that something is impossible, and people always will, but that just makes kicking proverbial ass all the sweeter. :)
One sentence: Great work was done already on PSX Emulation and I'm sure even greater is still coming in the future, so stop argueing if its useless to code a PSX Emulator on GP2X and wait what will come.

Proof: Many good devs said its possible and this is all I need to believe them.