Status Of Psx4gp2x Work Being Done :)

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by zodttd, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. zodttd

    zodttd Solving your premature emulation since the Tapwave

    Dec 2, 2005
    News update:
    The latest builds of psx4all can be found at: will provide RSS feeds as well soon. :)

    Hi everyone,

    A small but good status update on psx4gp2x. I've actually been working on the psx4all ARM Dynarec (psx4gp2x) for some time now, off and on. After bothering Exophase enough, he is starting to come to his senses and help me out with psx4all. :)

    Thanks to Exophase, a night full of coding (and lots of work for me to do in the day!) helped us produce a disassembler for the psx4all ARM Dynarec which produces not only the MIPS disassembly from the PSX side of things, but also the dynarec'd ARM disassembly for the corresponding MIPS code! This is going to be extremely helpful for improving the dynarec performance overall!

    Now, when debugging and profiling I can run psx4gp2x and load up a game and get something such as the following:
    Block PC bfc04a20 -> 0x904b00
    bfc04a24: lui t1, 49089
    bfc04a28: lw t1, [t1 - -8360]
    bfc04a2c: lui t3, 49089
    bfc04a30: sb zero, [t1 + 0]
    bfc04a34: lw t3, [t3 - -8356]
    bfc04a38: li t2, 10
    bfc04a3c: li v0, 30000
    bfc04a40: li v1, 1
    bfc04a44: li a0, 2
    bfc04a48: sb t2, [t3 + 0]
    bfc04a4c: lui t4, 40961
    bfc04a50: lw t4, [t4 - -28220]
    bfc04a54: nop
    bfc04a58: bne t4, v1, bfc04a64
    bfc04a5c: nop

    00904b00: mov r2, #12648448
    00904b04: orr r2, r2, #-1090519040
    00904b08: mov r0, #856
    00904b0c: orr r0, r0, #252928
    00904b10: orr r0, r0, #66846720
    00904b14: orr r0, r0, #-67108864
    00904b18: add r0, r0, r2
    00904b1c: stmdb sp!, {r2, }
    00904b20: bl ff79c3c0
    00904b24: ldmia sp!, {r2, }
    00904b28: mov r2, r0
    00904b2c: mov r3, #12648448
    00904b30: orr r3, r3, #-1090519040
    00904b34: mov r4, #0
    00904b38: stmdb sp!, {r2 - r3, }
    00904b3c: mov r1, #0
    00904b40: mov r0, r2
    00904b44: bl ff79c6bc
    00904b48: ldmia sp!, {r2 - r3, }
    00904b4c: mov r0, #860
    00904b50: orr r0, r0, #252928
    00904b54: orr r0, r0, #66846720
    00904b58: orr r0, r0, #-67108864
    00904b5c: add r0, r0, r3
    00904b60: stmdb sp!, {r2 - r3, }
    00904b64: bl ff79c37c
    00904b68: ldmia sp!, {r2 - r3, }
    00904b6c: mov r3, r0
    00904b70: mov r5, #10
    00904b74: mov r6, #1328
    00904b78: orr r6, r6, #28672
    00904b7c: mov r7, #1
    00904b80: mov r8, #2
    00904b84: stmdb sp!, {r2 - r3, }
    00904b88: mov r1, r5
    00904b8c: mov r0, r3
    00904b90: bl ff79c670
    00904b94: ldmia sp!, {r2 - r3, }
    00904b98: mov r9, #65536
    00904b9c: orr r9, r9, #-1610612736
    00904ba0: mov r0, #452
    00904ba4: orr r0, r0, #1019904
    00904ba8: orr r0, r0, #267386880
    00904bac: orr r0, r0, #-268435456
    00904bb0: add r0, r0, r9
    00904bb4: stmdb sp!, {r2 - r3, }
    00904bb8: bl ff79c328
    00904bbc: ldmia sp!, {r2 - r3, }
    00904bc0: mov r9, r0
    00904bc4: cmp r9, r7
    00904bc8: movne r12, #612
    00904bcc: orrne r12, r12, #18432
    00904bd0: orrne r12, r12, #1069547520
    00904bd4: orrne r12, r12, #-2147483648
    00904bd8: moveq r12, #604
    00904bdc: orreq r12, r12, #18432
    00904be0: orreq r12, r12, #1069547520
    00904be4: orreq r12, r12, #-2147483648
    00904be8: mov r10, r12
    00904bec: str r2, [r11, #36]
    00904bf0: str r3, [r11, #44]
    00904bf4: str r5, [r11, #40]
    00904bf8: str r6, [r11, #8]
    00904bfc: str r7, [r11, #12]
    00904c00: str r8, [r11, #16]
    00904c04: str r9, [r11, #48]
    00904c08: ldr r0, [r11, #656]
    00904c0c: add r0, r0, #15
    00904c10: str r0, [r11, #656]
    00904c14: ldr r1, [r11, #916]
    00904c18: sub r0, r0, r1
    00904c1c: ldr r1, [r11, #920]
    00904c20: cmp r0, r1
    00904c24: blge ff7af73c
    00904c28: mov r1, #540
    00904c2c: orr r1, r1, #9175040
    00904c30: mov r0, r10, lsr #16
    00904c34: ldr r1, [r1, r0, lsl #2]
    00904c38: mov r0, #252
    00904c3c: orr r0, r0, #65280
    00904c40: and r0, r10, r0
    00904c44: ldr r0, [r1, r0, lsl #0]
    00904c48: teq r0, #0
    00904c4c: bxne r0
    00904c50: bl ff774090
    00904c54: bx r0

    As you may notice from the above code (besides a bug or two in the output), the dynarec is saving and restoring two registers almost constantly on and off the stack! This can be easily changed for the better! Also see how much that small block of MIPS code is taking so many ARM instructions? This is due to many things, but a large chunk of it can be reduced by changing the way I handle the differences between direct/indirect branches, as well as IRQ checks. I'm outputting too much code for checking IRQs and since its done at the end of each block, with such small blocks, it's way too much overhead.

    Then Exophase gave me a good idea to change the way IO is handled. Since I learned about PSX emulation mostly from FPSE/PCSX, they used a plugin model. My model, although it doesnt use plugins, is similar, and doesn't benefit from performance increases that can be had by using a more unified approach for moving IO data.

    The short of things: Exophase has been a HUGE help already! Expect good things from psx4all to come. This work helps not only psx4gp2x, but other ARM based ports of psx4all as well.
  2. kevcal

    kevcal Coding " Abduction;Retrieval "

    Jun 14, 2006
    Southern England
    Excellent plan - dumping the dynarec'ed assembler(!).
    An obvious profiling strategy I guess? (I'd never have thought of it).

    Anyway, good to see this development still active :)
  3. zodttd

    zodttd Solving your premature emulation since the Tapwave

    Dec 2, 2005
    I actually have dumped the dynarec output and disassembled it with IDA. The problem with that is, you dont have the matching MIPS disassembled code. So thanks to Exophase and his work with the disassemblers for MIPS and the much more difficult ARM...I was able to get a clean representation of performance, one codeblock at a time. It's been a thing Exophase, and I for that matter, have wanted for awhile. I just wasn't able to disassemble ARM in a timely manner and have it get anywhere as near as good as what I have now.

    EDIT: I saw the post before you edited it kevcal. Didn't require an edit imho. ;) ...But yes, this is an obvious strategy but just was out of reach for so long. Hopefully this will mean things will pick up quickly!
  4. G189

    G189 Member

    Dec 11, 2004
    Ten dollars donation on its way. Keep up the good work guys!
  5. Julius

    Julius Member

    Jan 20, 2004
    Sweet, expect another 50 pages thread when you release the next version ;)
  6. washo

    washo Washo 4 evr

    Oct 3, 2003
    France (Marseille)
    Finallt, that time has come...
    Been waiting for the new PSX thread for soooo long.
    Keep it up ;)

    see you :lol:
  7. ___

    ___ Advanced Member

    Jan 31, 2006
    woah... I assume, the changes you plan to make according to the flaws you pointed out in the disassembled output are going to bring us an enormous speed boost? It sure seems like those are essential amendments. Good work zodttd and exophase!
  8. PokeParadox

    PokeParadox Founder of Pirate Games - Penjin Coder Staff Member

    Dec 8, 2005
    If it brings additional fps then I'm all for it. Great news Zod and thanks Exophase also :)
  9. Shadowsithe

    Shadowsithe Member

    Oct 4, 2006
    I'm turning 18 soon enough... which means a line of credit soon enough... which means I can finally donate!
  10. sehs33

    sehs33 Member

    Jan 26, 2005
    Thanks zodttd and Exophase, you can't believe how much the whole community is looking forward to better PSX emulation :)
  11. Playdough

    Playdough Still Fresh

    Jan 7, 2007
    Thats GREAT news!
    I still have faith!
  12. gavie

    gavie Member

    Sep 15, 2006
    The Netherlands
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  13. virusx

    virusx Virus Infected Person

    Feb 21, 2006
    I'm not sure to understand everything (in fact I don't, but I don't want to appear like stupid... Ooops, I'm looking stupid now) but thank you for the hard work and time you two had put recently in this project.
  14. Khan

    Khan Member

    Sep 29, 2006
    GP32Spain, Spain
    Wow, you donĀ“t cease to surprise us. At last, light at the end of the tunnel :)
    By the way, is U-nai still working on the 2nd core?

    Thank you guys!!
    I consider donating, too

    Staying tuned :)
  15. predatorramboxxx

    predatorramboxxx Member

    May 25, 2007
    First good work. I have a dumb question are you basing your psx emulator now of the FPSE(psx emu for pocket pc) Or where you always basing it of it? Because i know that the fpsce requires 500-600mhz handled most notably the dell axim for smooth playing.
    Ok hopefully this makes sense.
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  16. hackgrid

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    Feb 18, 2006
    ~Munich, Germany
  17. zodttd

    zodttd Solving your premature emulation since the Tapwave

    Dec 2, 2005
    Quick history of psx4all:
    - One night (literally one night) many years back, I ported PCSX to the Tapwave Zodiac when bored with porting Zodiac TTD. It was my first dip into emulation. I called it ZodPSX and it became PalmPSX.
    - The Zodiac scene died out and most moved to the GP2X, as did I. Created GP2PSX and continued tweaking PCSX.
    - Unai, Chui, and Tinnus jumped on board and helped me remove the PCSX code piece by piece and create psx4all.
    - What we have now is a codebase similar to PCSX by design (which will change as well for performance reasons). The GPU is completely rewritten, the CPU core is completely rewritten, the SPU has been rewritten though I know little of it's history.

    Exophase threw out the idea of rewriting a psx emulator from the ground up again from what I learned from psx4all. Not such a bad idea. If we do it, it will be open source. I think he needs motivation since he's very busy with his baby named gpSP. :)

    For now though, psx4all is being tuned up. :)
  18. virusx

    virusx Virus Infected Person

    Feb 21, 2006
    That, I understand. Thank you for the simple Zodttd story.
  19. predatorramboxxx

    predatorramboxxx Member

    May 25, 2007
    thanks zottd but quick question what happen to the gizmondo emu? I understand leaving the zod i did to.
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  20. kevcal

    kevcal Coding " Abduction;Retrieval "

    Jun 14, 2006
    Southern England
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