Release Serious Sam: The Second Encounter DEMO


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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is Serious Sam: The Secound Encounter DEMO

This is a Ready2Play PND, with the opensourced Serious Sam 1 Engine (using gl4es), and the Data from the TSE Demo.

Here a video of the automatic demo on a gigahertz Pandora from @ingoreis

The Demo feature the 1st level on the Full game, but slightly modified. It start like the Full game, but there are some twists and surprises, so it's worth playing even if you have the full version of the Game already.

History log

Build 08a

  • Repackaged, Advanced settings are now available
Build 08

  • In sync with full game PND
  • Initial build

For the curious, sources are here:
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Good stuff!

Does it also run on the classic Pandora?
Yeah it should. Be sure to go to option and lower some on the Geometry Level (in Advanced Options) and texture size (in Rendering Option from Video screen).
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Testing the PND on my CC model, I noticed that advanced settings where empty. It was an issue with the packaging. It's fixed now, and Advanced settings are now present (so go there and lower detail to have playable speed on CC model).

Build 08a

  • Repackaged, Advanced settings are now available