Release Serious Sam: First Encounter

Thank you so much, ptitSeb, it works good on CC.
But do save often, it crashes about every 15 minutes ;)
(I have latest firmw3are and all updates and tried some drivers, the first one of 1.4 seems to work best for me, less frequent crashes. Will report back in a few days.)
Just quick test on my CC @ 600 Mhz and seems working really nicely...there some slowdown but the first impression is good.

Just some quirks that i found testing the game:

First i have a italian CD (old version i think 1.00) that didn't seems recognised by the search for " 1_00c.gro" file but on my local HD (where i have installed and patched to 1.05_European) i have "1_00_a.gro" after renaming its working good but the italian translation is partially recognised.

Second we (CC owners) need a Swap file because the game need more RAM than our Pandora have.

uhmm yes it help...but i noted another intro/in game nothing...maybe have a corrupted install??...but on my PC works.
i have
and the others dir (less BIN directory)
Looks good. I don't know what's going on, but probably something not handled by the opensource version of the engine.
For reference, here are the gro files I have (steam version):

No need to rename the other files, the engine take *.gro, only the runscript check a specific file...
Hi all :)

@ptitSeb: I noticed A LOT of graphical glitches in the "Suburbs", mostly in the second part of that level (screen sometimes cut in two, with one side being upside down, etc...). Those glitches make that level harder to complete, and not very fun to play.

Could you please have a look ? I could provide you with some save games if need be.

Cheers, Magic Sam

P.S: I'm still playing TFE on a Rebirth unit, with SGX driver 4.10
Mmm, I'm afraid this may be some incompatibilities with the Engine and not just a graphical glitch. I had witnesses such behavor with SE on 1st level one time for exemple.
I'm not yest at the suburbs is TFE. I'll play a bit more (was testing TSE now).
You can still package me a savestate, that's always usefull.
[doublepost=1460926501,1460906952][/doublepost]@Magic Sam : I have played to the Suburbs (after having Hundred of that small exploding bad guys jumping on me on Oasis, wihtout noticable slow down :) ) and had no issue.
I'm using latest build, using SDL2, may be I'll do a new beta with this build, to see if it works better (I think it work the same...). No I'm on the Sewers...


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Hi all :)

@ptitSeb : I'll test this new beta build ASAP !

Edit: are there any new bits from Croteam / Icculus github repositories ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
Hi all !

I'm now in Karnak :)

That game is SO great !

Cheers, Magic Sam
[doublepost=1461169434,1461163135][/doublepost]Karnak is done, now in Luxor !

I noticed some graphical glitches in Karnak: floating flags looked like they were big deal though ;)

And some keys are still not very responsive, it might even be worse now with that new SDL2 version...

Besides these few minor issues, this game really ROCKS !!!

Cheers, Magic Sam
Graphical issues in Karnak? I'll check.

Which keys are unresponsive?

(And yes, I love those 2 games, they are awesome, both)