Pyra without decent web browser?

My concern would be the speed and memory requirements. And of typical ad-drenched websites not simple retro forums
All commercial websites I tested work nice, smooth and fast! It's a real pleasure :happy:
Needless to say that you can't expect same performance with 50 open tabs like on a desktop environment...
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Thanks for the link. I do prefer firefox and the launchpad build works much better than the one in the debian official repo.
The one that replaces the ads with its own ones? Never tried it, I want a navigator that displays what is expected (which does not include ads at all in my case).
Well I still don't have a Pyra anyway.
You're welcome for this useless comment huh :)
The browser wars.... Another war of attrition
It's less about "browser wars" now, but more about http "standards" bring an utter train wreck and only getting worse, especially with Google et al trying to DRM and monetise the entire web (and passing it off as adding "security").

In an ideal world, in my opinion, no individual company should ever (have had) more than a 30 percent influence/hold on any single mainstream tech in use.
The Digital Services Act isn't about to do us any favors either. It too is passed under the guise of "online safety", but will mean zero tolerance for opinions that aren't mainstream-compatible. Orwell would love it.
We're living in interesting times.