1. sebt3

    Pyra pyra-debian-cross

    EDIT: this toolchain is not supported anymore Hello there, So compiling on the pyra works well, but for larger project at some point a cross-compiling toolchain will be usefull. This is my attempt. Sources are : It is based on debian and...
  2. A

    How does the Pyra install the OS?

    Does it install Debian like a regular personal computer through an install image from a USB, or does it have more like a Raspberrys install approach?
  3. S

    Pyra without decent web browser?

    One of the main reasons for buying a Pyra is the ability to browse the web. This is much more important to me than using Pyra for playing games - if I want that at all. Unfortunately, browsing the web might become difficult. The Pyra will run the Debian armhf architecture. The Rust programming...
  4. 8bitDev

    OS (drivers)compatibility

    Hi guys,i don't mind having dual core CPU if its properly optimized .Now take a look at PSP(Playstation Portable)with 333Mhz CPU and quality of games provided on it.Now comparing to the PSP this(Pyra provided) hardware is more powerful,but compared to GPD Win seems that most people don't get how...
  5. O

    Pyra debian with systemd?

    I was wondering whether the official Debian distro will come with systemd or sysvinit as Pandora did? Quite a few of my Configuration files assume systemd, so It'll be a pain in the neck to find and rewrite such configs... Thanks!