Prometheus: WTF ?!??!

Sorry to see you go, Prometheus.

To be honest, I feared this might happen when you agreed to be recruited at this forum rather than staying at GP32X.

I haven't really been around in some months (busy) and I'm very sorry to see the mutual dislike between Craig and the Pandora's most important devs that seems to have developed.

Is there a reason why Craig doesn't make public his status as administrator or moderator, or whatever the case may be, by signifying it in his profile? It's a little thing, but it seems to be lots of little things like that which are causing some people to think that the big things are not being honestly communicated either. When people start thinking that, they start feeling used and resentful.
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Craigix's sense of self-righteousness is quite impressive. He claims to have 'devoted his life full-time' to this project, and yet he's so full of himself that he'd rather sabotage the entire thing than just let go of some comments that he feels reflect negatively on him. Lets all be honest here - the only thing that makes the Pandora work is software and as far as the Pandora goes Notaz is king. Without him you're pretty much left with just all the crap quick-ports that people like 'Streak' make. Don't get me wrong - there have been some other great devs with great contributions too (Skeezix, Pickle, Exophase) - but craigix's treatment of Notaz hardly seem sto be a unique case. Didn't Craigix almost scare away Skeezix a few years ago as well?

I personally love the whole exchange where CraigIx says something -- Notaz asks for clarification/examples -- and rather than very simply saying 'sure - here is the answer' he just says 'NOTAZ IS A TROLL!!!! LOLZ!' I mean really.. as a grown-up and as someone trying to run a business -- even if he did feel slighted - wouldn't the blatantly obvious correct response be to just answer the question and try to appease a guy who has made significant contributes to the project essentially for free? Even if Notaz was a troll and absolutely unquestionably in the wrong - wouldn't the smart play to just be to suck it up, let go of your ego and try to make him happy for the betterment of the project?
C'mon guys, this thread is about saying goodbye to two of our of our best moderators,, lets not turn this into a casual 'lets diss Craig' thread.
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It stinks so many great members of the community have left before I have even received my unit. It's not fun to come to the forums in hopes of delivery news and finding only departures.
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Also often I've simply got too much to do (for example, VAT return is due and it's a lot of work) to spend time arguing on forums.
This community is build around the main devs with the Notaz as the most important one. Your hardware is as good as the software gets. Your relationship with the devs should be your highest priority. Even a higher priority than selling 1GHz Pandoras.

Based on Notaz' comments I think you've lost his support so hopefully you can turn the tide and keep other devs on board.

Sharing old posts and giving examples of your good deeds is really contra-productive at this stage. Something in your relationship with devs has gone wrong, time for evaluation and a 'mea culpa'?
I´m sorry both excellent mods and mates left, I´m sure they have their reasons.

Life is about people coming and going and sometimes, coming back.

It´s normal stuff.
For some reason, I'm reminded of this true classic.

I don't have as much time to visit the forums as I used to (hey, too many babies around now :) , but it has been depressing lately; we need to have efeyrone turned around, positive, having fun; a sense of curiousity, discovering, hacking, like we used to have in gp32x there.. but not sure if thaty ship has sailed..

Please don't raise money for a Pandora 2 for Prometheus.. it's not that she can't afford it, she actually doesn't really want one (and doesn't want gifts).
It appears that this is just too easily understood wrongly (or, to be more precise, too badly explained), so I'd like to state explicitly that I (obviously I don't know about any of the other people who said they'd contribute, but I guess it's similar for at least some) don't like gifts, and see no point in such a thing as trying to 'buy someone back' ( truly enjoying something? How's that even supposed to work?). I merely think that it's right to offer compensation for good things.

Of course Prometheus would never accept such an offer, but that's a different thing.
Um if you think that she won't accept then why bother ? I for one am confused please clarify .
There are entirely too few people in this world who really, really care about what they are doing, who take their task extremely seriously and yet are very careful. No matter what the reason for any of these individual people is to do it that way, it usually ends up being very hard work.

Many times that I benefit from such work, I will offer compensation in one way or another, to make sure it is understood that this kind of working is appreciated, even if that is usually not necessary at all. I don't care whether the compensation is being accepted. Either it is, or it is not, but I've at least offered it.
Thanks for clarifying although She says she doesn't want one ( as in Pandora 2 )
I don't have as much time to visit the forums as I used to (hey, too many babies around now :) , but it has been depressing lately; we need to have efeyrone turned around, positive, having fun; a sense of curiousity, discovering, hacking, like we used to have in gp32x there.. but not sure if thaty ship has sailed..
This. I used to get excited about the idea of a community engaging its members to help in any way possible to make a better overall experience, with individual members providing workshops and tutorials to help beginners get started in programming, artwork, whatever. I haven't really followed that stuff because I realized the more time I spent on here, the less time I had for other stuff (and I STILL get nothing done). I spent the day trying to debug a particularly nasty issue, and I don't think I made any progress. I'm just going to play some Soul Calibur and call it a night.
I don't have as much time to visit the forums as I used to (hey, too many babies around now :) , but it has been depressing lately; we need to have efeyrone turned around, positive, having fun; a sense of curiousity, discovering, hacking, like we used to have in gp32x there.. but not sure if thaty ship has sailed..

Well, the ship has not sailed and never will, as it is made of rock and it is always sinking, but also, never will.

This spark is a lifetime work, you are allowed to take vacations...but never leave... :eek:
Wow - I am leaving for one week to relax after a successful relaunch of the Pandora here in Germany, and when I come back, a lot of drama happened :eek:

I'm not sure what's going on here - Pandoras are now available for everyone, old units are being shipped again from time to time, things are looking good... so everything should be play, code and fun now, shouldn't it?

I'm also sad to see Prometheus and Sony go.

I hope Sonys issues in real life won't be too hard for him and things will solve easily somehow. You never know.

He really developed great in here, from a spammer to a pretty decent guy, I hope this also reflects somehow in his real life :)

I loved Prometheus posts. She always found some things that brightened me up a bit, gave me a little smile during a lot of work.

Of course, her work as Moderator was spot-on as well.

She will be missed, that's for sure.

I also hope we'll see her again at some time, but I won't force her or try to pull her back.

Time will tell and she is old enough to know what she wants, I'm pretty sure :)

I didn't see that much drama going on - probably because I never checked the Pandora 2 or 1GHz forum areas, I was mainly concentrating on General, News and Support.

But I'll comment that somewhere else, it doesn't fit here.
Like ED, I also did not visit these boards last weeks. It greatly disappoints me that I can now no longer say farewell to Prometheus directly. Prometheus, I'm not sure my words will ever reach you, but I feel the need to say it anyway.


You were the community member I always respected the most. Few members contributed so much to this community as you did. You were always helpful and wise, a voice of reason in the wilderness. I fully agree with you assessment of what has been going on around lately and completely understand your decision. I have been withdrawing from the boards lately as well.

Lass, we've had a lot of fun on these boards, and the old ones as well. I fondly remember competing with you in the ROT. The victory price you sent me still adorns my PC. I also want to thank you for all the good advice and pleasant discussions we have had both on the boards and in private chat.

Prometheus, know that you will be greatly missed and fondly remembered. I wish you all the best and hope we will have an opportunity to speak again someday.

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Bit late to the party, completely missed this until today.

Hopefully you'll read this thread at some point Prometheus.

It's sad to see you go not only as a mod but as a forum member completely. Hopefully if you change your mind you'll not feel like you can't return.

I always appreciated your moderating as you're not a sycophant and have a good sense of where the line should be without actively looking for opportunities to use your mod status.

But more importantly you have been a great forum member all along who brought that bit extra to the scene and I think you'll be sorely missed for you much more than for Prometheus the mod.

Hopefully over some time the things that pushed you away now will seem less important, especially without the added modding responsability, and you can come back and make a fresh start. Being part of this community might be appealing to you again if you can take in the things you like as much as you want without having to deal with the ones that you don't agree with.

Take care and thanks!