Prometheus: WTF ?!??!


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Feb 13, 2010
Naaaahhhhh !

Stayyyyyyyyy !

Well, if it's your rock-solid choice, i hope the bad behaviours are not the main reason of your departure, and you have plenty of nice projects to put to the test.

Anyway, i hope you'll reconsider.

Take care.
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Tis a very sad day...

This is all I have for you, The Great Prometheus...

Hi Prometheus. I tried messaging you on both forums and emailing from your web site but had no joy.

Are you quitting the GP32X forum as well as this one? It would be a shame if you are as your one of the best mods and decent mods are very hard to find. I hope you still hang out on the other forum at least as your unique personality will also be missed :)

If I don't get to talk to you again, good luck in whatever you decide to do in your life and thank you for being part of the community.


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Prometheus is definately a valued moderator . If things are getting to you Prometheus , please just consider taking a short break. I can fully understand that things have started to get you - this isn't an easy board to maderate for sure given the high emotions involved with the project. But perhaps a short break to revitalise you will do the trick.

I'll be completely honest, I had taken a break for a while and when I came back to these boards I noticed posts by you that suggested to me you were starting to let things get to you. I actually had made the comment no more than 3 days ago to another member who also noticed it. My feeling at the time was you just needed a break to step back from all this and then come back. You are valued and have always been respected by me and I think most if not all people here..
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Hey Prometheus, sad to see you go. Thanks for all your work around here, you were certainly one of the best.

One round of fire storming for you tonight. We'll really miss ya!

Good luck, and all the best to you,

wounded, sad times to see you leave prometheus. Thank you for all the support and advice you have given me over the time ive been a member on the forums it has been a massive help and appreciated.

am sure youve considered it already, but what about taking a step back from being a modorator and sticking around as a member having a social visit to the board now and then to stay incontact with the masses whom value your input, and let sombody else deal with the melvins on the boards.

whatever the future holds for you, all the best and good luck, you will be missed. x
Wow. I am utterly speechless, but I can clearly understand your feelings. Best wishes to you in your future endeavours Prometheus, you have been an excellent person to have here. Thank you for all your effort and time spent here moderating the boards and being my favorite "Mega Man Nut" =) May we cross again someday. =(

Farewell, Prometheus.

Peace and Prosper.

Edit: I'm currently playing my way through Mega Man X on my Pandora, just for you. =)
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There's still plenty of P1 users that would definitely benefit from all your experience Pro. Hell, there's plenty of people that have yet to even recieve their Panda's, myself included. P2 is a long way away yet so you shouldn't let that influence your decision. Why don't you just step back from being a mod and kick back with us regular members? It would be a total waste for someone with your experience and positive impact on the community to just sign off for good imo.

In the end though it is your decision. I just hope you decide to stick around in one fashion or another!

Hey, maybe we'll see you over at GP32X or the RPi forums some time but if not take care of yourself and thanks for everything!

Wait, what? No....well this is a cold kick to the groin. Prometheus was the one person here that could keep sanity alive, and probably the only person that made me a bit more helpful to people online. You're really gonna let your last real topic here be about not only Microsoft, but about their "B16B00B5"? At least take a couple months off like Gruso did, and come back and join us again with some more Mega-Man stuff and most certainly the Mega-Man novel you've been promising to us for years now.

Well.....Either way, good luck to ya, and all your endeavors. Wish ya nothing but the best, and hope to one day hear your input on these boards again, even though I'm slowly fading away from them as well, and mostly just skim through the News, the Support, and some of the Off-Topic subforums.

Oh god, this is step 1 in SONYs evil plan to take over the forum, please don't leave :eek:

But in all seriousness, good luck in your future ventures, and you better come back to show off that doll and novel when they're done :)
Prom I affirm you for excelling at what must have been a very challenging and stressful role, not for personal gain but to improve the forum experience for all. Thank you, and see you later!
Sorry to hear, you've been an inspiration - I actually went and brought MegaMan on the NES because of you! Never played it before.

All the best for the future and thanks for the help and recommendations, I finally got round to playing all of the puzzle platformers you recommended and they were all excellent.

Good luck and take care.
Hi Prometheus,

I wish you all the best, and I'm sorry to see you leave.

I too hope you return some day after taking a bit of a break, even if you don't continue as moderator.

Take care Prom, you'll be missed.

- Neelix

I hope our paths cross again one day Prometheus. I'm sorry i didn't get to know you better. A rare person of true value, that is what you are. These boards will be the poorer without you.

I also hope you'll come back one day...

All the best.

P.s. Thank you for the support and kind words you've always given me...
Thank you Prometheus!

Thank you for all the years of help, moderation, kindness, problems solving, ...

The list could go on, but really, all I want to say is THANK YOU!

You made this forum a better place.

Even if I don't really understand your reasons for leaving, I wish you only the best. I am not even sure, if i will buy a Pandora 2 ;) Maybe you will join again after some time. Stay a regular forummember, and post from time to time.

It's been great having you here not only as a moderator, but as a member of the community. I do wish you could stick around in a more casual role with no obligations or pressure of a moderator. In any case, a huge "thank you" is in order for all you've done for us. Best of luck in your future endeavours, and never lose that look at life you have.

"You must be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

I can only echo what other users have already stated. You will be sadly missed and the forum will be all the worse without you.

If ever you need us, we'll be right here.

Best wishes :)