Xubuntu/Ubuntu 10.10


Sep 4, 2008
West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
I installed Xubuntu 10.10 prerelease on a laptop. It's been my favorite distro for a couple of years now, because we all know XFCE will take over the planet.

New features compared to 10.04:

New incomplete skin at the moment. (god i hope it's incomplete because it's fugly)

Updated drivers for my crappy old centrino notebook.

Kernel Mode Setting, w000t fast VT switching

Really fast wireless network connecting.

The installer starts installing, as soon as you confirm your filesystem layout, saves you a minute total time. While you configure your user, your hdd is formatting.

Well euh, XFCE only did a minor update so it's exactly like 10.04 and 9.10 and 9.04 and ... but better. Just what we like from Xubuntu.

The XFCE-taskmanager is nice compared to gnome-taskmanager, more geeky stats.

did anything else change? I didn't notice anyway.

But it's still Beta Yannick

100+ MB of updates every day.

It's stable enough for me but this machine is obviously not my primary machine.
I tend to stick with the Long Term Support releases myself, but it sounds like there'll be some nice stuff to look forward to, there.
Fingers crossed they can sort out a better solution for the poulsbo GMA 500 problem. 9.04 was good but 9.10 and 10.04 not so good.
Double post, (damn 3 network).
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Ah, another *buntu update, always up for that. I think the only one that I didn't like in the last 3 or 4 years was 8.04 and it was working well a few months after release.

I do think this install of 10.04 is the best/easiest install so far. I read a few articles(from major magazines, not Linux sites) that compared Ubuntu to the windows 7 and Ubuntu is just barley behind Microsoft's newest OS now in terms of ease of use. Then again they completely ignored the game issue, in the end that will be the real reason people don't install Linux in droves, everything else is there.

I also like the release cycle that Conical has, something new to try every 6 months instead of every few years that Microsoft updates. Some people don't like that but those people could just stick to the LTRs.
I don't game on these systems, i have a win 7 pc for that ;-)

Also Gnome/KDE is way to much bling, I like to keep it simple with Xubuntu,

10.10 is rock solid for me i have it running on 2 laptops now.
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