Prometheus: WTF ?!??!

This thread is going to become repetitive, but I wholeheartedly agrees with the above posts.

Please consider coming back, after a break, or as a normal member.

Edit, I said normal, but I think non-moderator might be a better term

Best wishes for the future, whatever it holds.

Three cheers for Prometheus!
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Shame, she sorted my bad behaviour out, the only one who actually replied to me in an intelligent way that made me

change my sometimes bad ways.

Good luck in all you do in the future.
Many thanks Prometheus for your even handed moderating, many helpful posts & all the interesting & thought provoking general talk stuff as well.

You'll be missed.

Please consider dropping by as a 'normal' user to keep us informed as to the progress of your projects.
Me saddened too.

Prom is a firm pillow stone to this forum community.

If you still reading here, please do consider as others have said, and just take a well deserved break, come back as mod or reg user, we'd all like you to.

Have a nice break, do come back!

See you soon, later even, but again ok

Peace Prometheus, see you later
Good for you "Prometheus".

May your life be a long and prolific one.
Hope she comes back. And all the best, if not.

I will contribute for the Buy Prometheus a Pandora 2 fund!
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Thank you Prometheus for everything. You made a great contribution to this community. You will be missed...

All the best!
Cor, Prometheus was like the wallpaper around here, futuristic wallpaper from the future that electrocuted naughty people. The place won't be the same without her, the eggy, yeasty whiff will be harder to bear without her fist cannons of Justice keeping us safe at night
I am, most of the time, an anonymous user : dont register and just going post to post to find infos.

But today, time are changing, and i speak out loud to show how sad i am to see you leave the place.

Thanks Prometheus for everything (your time, advices, ...)
yep sad she's gone.. she was the unusual geeky british girl from my french point of view :/

Strange thing how time flies : it's like a cycle is finishing for some people with the pandora after these 4 years, and yet some others who had live through them the ups and downs, the joys and hopes, had not received theirs..

Strangely I'm feeling like it's an ending too for me, even without actually having physically the pandora. The spirit was probably more in the community and sadly it seems to change. When i'll finally get my unit, i hope, i think i'll move on too.

Prometheus, I wish you the very best in your life.

Very Big Kisses

This is certainly unexpected news. I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1st... Shame to see you go, Prometheus. But, I understand where you're coming from. All the best.
As your naming patron you brought light under us mere mortals, but unfortunatly left no chains to forge you on our mountain of insanity for all eternity (for reasons of youth protection we skip the liver part) -_-

You will be missed dearly.

Good luck, whereever your mind leads you next

I will contribute for the Buy Prometheus a Pandora 2 fund!
I'll add 15€.

Anyone else?
I'm in