Pandora Interface Design Concept(s).

qtopia could be a good thing. It's very stable and optimised for small displays. The main feature would be perfect syncing with KDE apps, that will probably run on win, linux and macos within the next weeks. akonadi will even give the user the choise, wich pim-applications to sync.
Gruso said:
I reckon gMenu2x is a logical starting point. As important as a good GUI is, it's easily bogged down with fluff (especially with regard to development time). The wheel doesn't need to be reinvented just to get it ready for sale.

Once production is underway, there'll be all the time in the world to come up with something unique... or a nice clone of XBMC.
This is fine as long as we have the basics like deleting, copying, renaming files and such. I would love it if I didn't ever have to remove my SD cards.
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abeisgreat said:
Are you the same guy who brought up twitter before?

abeisgreat said:
I never liked twitter seems so pointless :p
And how many friends with Internet do you have? ;) My Facebook account automatically updates from my Twitter account.
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I have lots of friends with internetI just never got the point on the whole social networking thing. Anyway this isnt what this threads about