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EvilDragon said:
marshal said:
Next times don't talk about what could go wrong :p

I will never do that again. It's scary :eek:
It doesn't matter. All of the evil you will bring upon this world has been foretold by the Greeks millennia ago. The ground will split open and hell will erupt onto the earth. The prophecy is irrefutable: Pandora will bring forth the underworld!

[sub]! and bring hope to us all.[/sub]
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Bloody hell, what a difference that paint makes! I was as disappointed as everyone else with the small delay but it looks well worth it. Funny how this volcano thing has made people more chilled and patient, unless you'd booked a holiday of course (poor f**kers). The grey looks great or grey......poll anyone??!!!

I'd like a Spectrum stripe across mine too please guys.....
lulzfish said:
cat said:
Can I have a similar button on my Pandora please? And/or other cool stuff, like a switch-traffic-lights-button
If the Pandora can't change traffic signals like in Hackers, I'm not buying it

Traffic signals? so 90's...



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