Nvidia's Project Shield - 'Android & Tegra 4 inside'


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Jan 23, 2011
Looks like Nvidia are launching a new Android Handheld Console powered by the new Tegra 4 and featuring a full game controller and 5 inch ips touch screen. They are claiming 38 hours of gaming from the battery - I think this a typo though. I'll update this when I find the real figure.

Some details:

* Tegra 4 SOC
* A micro SD slot
* HDMI output
* USB port
* Audio jack
* Clamshell design
* Stereo Speakers :- Custom, bass-reflex, tuned port audio system delivers fidelity and custom range never before experienced on a portable device
* customizable 5-inch "retinal display" touchscreen. It's a 1280 x720 screen at 294 dpi, for the record.
* 5-10 Hours solid gaming battery life maybe longer , 24 hours HD video playback - No real firm spec on this - Seems to be a huge 38Whr battery. Photos and video show 3 x 3400mah (10200mah total) batteries in it.
* 802.11n 2x2 MIMO game-speed Wi-Fi
* JellyBean OS - this may change on release
* Ability to play PC and Steam games via piping
* No LTE
* Available Q2

See Details here:




Must admit, based on first glance specs, this is going to be a real threat to the PS Vita. Up until now , Android Gaming devices have been lower speced, poorly backed (mostly form china) . This thing has better specs than the Vita and is backed by a fairly big company (Nvidia) . Sounds like the Android Handheld gaming console everyone has been waiting for.




EDIT: I've made a temporary edit on the thread title.

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woot, only 5" finally something I do not need to carry in a luggage...
Hopefully it murders vita thus turning Sony away from video games Annd turning vita into emulation and homebrew machine . Fingers crossed .
If it turns out to be half decent (and reasonably priced), I would expect SONY to start price cutting the Vita. 
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Will depend on price but that design sucks eggs how will that comfortably fit in your pocket
Awesome specs, yeah... but I also don't really like the design... well, if you could even call it design.

A Sony Controller with a screen attached ;)
Will have to wait on dimensions, but it seems to be the size of a ps3 or xbox 360 controller.  That said, as others have mentioned in the comments on the Verge etc .  These things stopped being really comfortably pocketable after the DS(maybe 3ds also).  Can't imagine  the Vita being comfortably pocketable with it's sticks?
Hearing that the screen might be customizable whatever that means. I'm guessing that it means you may be able to swap it out, take it off etc.  Might explain its design.
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Thank goodness it hasn't got a skin over Android, should make it easily upgradeable

Kind of reminds look wise of the unreleased Panasonic Jungle
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I wanna see some other android games, GFE is stoopid, how are you going to use that on the road? and why would you choose cramped handheld controller over mouse&keyboard or proper pc controller?
and why would you choose cramped handheld controller over mouse&keyboard or proper pc controller?
For exactly the same reasons you'd buy a Pandora instead of a laptop. Gaming on the go.

I don't understand or like it either BTW.
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