Mad Catz - Project M.O.J.O (Android Game Console)

Yeah me too, sort of agree with Thinkpad's comment in that the attachment does offer potentially a superior device - with the right hardware added, like the Note3 - and makes for good future-proofing as even better spec devices come out in the future.

But, personally I still would rather the Shield for it's sturdier look, I imagine it feels more premium in the grip. Plus from what I hear the speakers on the Shield are great... though perhaps this Mojo teamed with my HTCOne would sound pretty sweet too...
Shield just has overall better looking build quality. With the mojo not being portable you can't just start your game on the TV and keep going on the bus with your phone and the controller. But the shield you can miracast or hdmi to the tv, pick up your device and keep going. Plus you dont have the hassle of having your phone on you gaming device and vice versa.
I've bought the M.O.J.O now. But my experiences are very mixed about this device.

So, here the things that really bother :

- Google Play Store

Because this is a touchscreen less device and many apps flagged as touch only in their manifests, these thing are marked as "not compatible".

That means, you can't find it about the Play Store search and apps, you bought, can't be downloaded.

- no fastboot/adb on USB

You have only a 2.0 and a 3.0 Host, but no needed Slave (microUSB) Port.

That means, you can only debug over network.

The worst thing is, as you can't use fastboot, it is NOT easy rootable.

- The pure Android (4.2.2)

Because of the stock OS, you must switch the gamepad mode very often between mouse and gamepad mode.

-The BT gamepad has a separate USB dongle for connection with the M.O.J.O

This is atm needed to reach better latency for gaming and powersave.

So, without a HUB, one USB port is only for the gamepad.

On the other side, the device has a second, build in bt hardware.

The gamepad can be used in combination with a universal holder for smartphones for mobile gaming.

That will work with most devices, I believe.

But not with my LG G2.  :(

The M.O.J.O and the C.T.R.L.R gamepad are not a really bad hardware.

But for 250 Euro, you don't get a really plug and play hardware.

It's "open source" without any sources and not really hacking friendly.

The Tegra 4 is good, but not really a big step in comparison with the Tegra 3 in the OUYA and both eats dust if the Snapdragon800 comes in the ring.  :D
Those of you in the US can pickup a MOJO for $99.99 with free delivery via the MADCATZ website using coupon code: MOJOSALE

Pretty good deal while it lasts